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The Qi-L131 combines the features of a digital alarm clock, a multicoloured LED night light, and Qi wireless phone charging station. For devices without Qi wireless, a USB-C charging connector is. Sony - AM/FM Dual-Alarm Clock Radio - Black. Model: ICFC1TBLACK. User rating, 4.3.

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Valcom’s Wireless Master Clock Transceiver (V-WMCA) provides a single time standard for wireless clocks. The V-WMCA features browser based setup eliminating the need for resident software.

Valcom’s Wireless Master Clock Repeater (V-WMCRA) extends the transmit range of wireless correction signal to more clocks in your organization. The Wireless Master Clock Repeater has dual use that can be used as a repeater or, with additional equipment, as a transmitter.

The Valcom GPS Master Clock receives accurate time updates via GPS satellites. It is available for either wired (V-GPS) or wireless (V-GPS-TX) clocks allowing you to choose the best option for your facility. With the GPS Master Clock there is no need for a Network Time Protocol (NTP) source.

The Digital Clock Protocol Interface (V-DCPI) allows many Valcom analog intercoms to provide accurate digital time correction to Valcom wired and wireless clock systems. The V-DCPI can be used in conjunction with the V-VCU, 2-Wire Clock Driver for wired clock correction.

The Valcom 2-Wire Clock Driver (V-VCU) corrects Valcom analog and digital display clocks over a single pair of UTP cable. Time may be adjusted to update from once every second to once an hour. Depending on the size of your system and set up, multiple V-VCUs may be used.

The V-DCH Digital Clock Head End incorporates a V-VCU 6 Amp 2-wire Clock Driver and a V-DCPI Digital Clock Protocol Interface in a convenient 2u 19' shelf assembly. The unit provides a complete interface between the DB15 clock output of either of the V-SER, VC-2927 or V-2927 Clock Cards.



  • Can Act as a Transmitter or Repeater for Valcom Wireless Clock Systems
  • TCP/IP Network Connection
  • Frequency Tuning Circuit Allows for Time Correction w/Changes in Temperature
  • Field-Enabled Daylight Savings Time (When Used as a Primary Master Clock)
  • Can Act as an Interface Between Existing Systems to Valcom Wireless Systems


Important Note: The V-WMCRA is not a stand alone wireless master clock.
It must be used with a V-DCPI Digital Clock Protocol Interface, a V-GPSA GPS Receiver or a V-WMCA Wireless Master Clock.

  • Transmits Wireless Clock Correction Signal to the Valcom Wireless Clocks
  • 915 - 928 MHz Frequency-Hopping Technology
  • Can Transmit up to 2000 Meters in Open Space
  • Wirelessly Receives & Transmits Data


Master Clocks Allows Connection to Valcom Intercom Systems

Wireless Digital Clock
  • GPS Input
  • Interfaces Directly with Valcom Analog & Digital Clock Systems
  • Up to 10 Server Addresses Can Be Pre-Programmed into the Unit for Continuous, Accurate Synchronization
    (with Web Interface Software Upgrade)
  • Extremely Intuitive GUI that Allows User to Configure All of the Settings of the Master Clock through a Simple Web Interface
  • Automatic Bi–Annual Daylight Savings Time Changes (When Used as a Primary Master Clock)
  • Ten Year Battery Backup for Timekeeping


  • Facilitates 2-Wire Digital Clock Correction from the Class Connection ES, ACS by Valcom Systems
  • Easy Connections


Color Control Package

  • Package includes:
    • 1 Valcom V-CCU Clock Controller
    • 1 Valcom 24V Power Supply V-C6124P
    • 1 24V Wiring Harness
    • 1 6-Pin Silver-Satin Cord
    • 1 6-Pin RJ-11 Wiring Block
  • Easy Connection
  • Supports Two Wire Clock Operation
  • Individual Current Limited 2 Amp Outputs
  • User Selectable Correction Intervals
  • Data Error LED Indicators
  • Power/Data Output LED Indicators.


Digital Clock Head End Driver, 2-Wire

  • The V-DCH Digital Clock Head End is a Combination of the V-DCPI and V-VCU Pre-Mounted and Connected on a Convenient 2u 19” Rack or Wall Mount Shelf
  • Facilitates 2-Wire Digital Clock Correction to the Class Connection ES and ACS by Valcom systems.
Support Documents

Wireless Time Clock

Marketing Sheet V-WMCA
Installation Manual V-WMCA
Technical Specification V-WMCA
V-WMCA Static IP Setup Tool

Marketing Sheet V-WMCRA
Installation Manual V-WMCRA
Technical Specification V-WMCRA

Marketing Sheet V-GPSA/V-GPSA-TX
Installation Manual V-GPSA/V-GPSA-TX
Technical Specification V-GPSA/V-GPSA-TX

Marketing Sheet V-DCPI/V-VCU/V-DCH
Technical Specification V-DCPI
Installation Manual V-DCPI

Technical Specification V-VCU
Installation Manual V-VCU

Technical Specification V-DCH

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Valcom One Way Paging Guide
Valcom Talkback Paging Guide

  • V-WMCA Dimensions: 11” L x 17.5” W x 1.75 D (27.94 cm x 44.45 cm x 4.45 cm)
    Weight: 6.5 lbs (2.90 kg)
  • V-WMCRA Dimensions: 11” (27.94 cm) L x 8” (20.32 cm) W x 1.7” (4.32 cm) D (with bottom cover)
    Antenna Length: 7” (17.78 cm)
    Weight: 4 lbs. (1.8 kg)
  • V-DCPI Dimensions: 22.75”H x 7.70”W x 1.55”D (6.98cm H x 19.55cm W x 3.94cm D)
    Weight: 4.0 lb. (1.81 kg)
  • V-GPSA/V-GPSA-TX Dimensions: 11” L x 17.5” W x 1.75 D (27.94 cm x 44.45 cm x 4.45 cm)
    Weight: 6.5 lbs (2.90 kg)
  • V-VCU Dimensions: 2.63”H x 12.36”W x 7.75”D (6.7cm H x 31.4cm W x 19.7cm D)
    Weight: 7lbs. ( 3.2kg) w/ power supply
  • V-DCH Dimensions: 4.75' (12.06 cm) x 19' (48.26 cm) x 12.5' (31.75 cm)
    Weight: 24 lbs (10.88 kg)
Connection Drawings

V-DCPI Tech Note:
Using Fire or Bell Display option on 2-wire Digital Clock Systems using shared intercom cables. cad pdf

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