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Tales of Maj’Eyal is a popular roguelike RPG game with an incredible amount of content. Its new DLC called Forbidden Cults adds two more races, new classes, and a bunch of new zones.

Steam: Released
Type: Single-player
Genre: Roguelike, Turn Based, RPG
Developer: Netcore Games
Publisher: Netcore Games
Release date: 16 May, 2018

Short description

In a randomly generated environment, you have to find your way among all kinds of challenging enemies, quests and mysterious lore. In this turn-based adventure, strategy is of key importance. Use your newly gained items and skill points to further improve your character and progress further into the generated world.

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Full list of achievements and guides for the Forbidden Cults DLC pack in Tales of Maj'Eyal. The pack has 108 Achievements. Tales of Maj’Eyal is a popular roguelike RPG game with an incredible amount of content. Its new DLC called Forbidden Cults adds two more races, new classes, and a bunch of new zones. ToME on Steam: Tales of Maj'Eyal: Forbidden Cults DLC Not all adventurers seek fortune, not all t. Tales of Maj'Eyal: Forbidden Cults DLC is released. Tales of Maj'Eyal: Forbidden Cults DLC is released.

Main pros and cons

Right after you open the game, you are given the option to play the tutorial. It took me a bit more than five minutes to complete it and it included most of the necessary basics needed to play the game. When you want to play your first actual game, however, you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed by the amount of choice you have right away. You can pick from so many different races and classes, which put me off a bit since I’m a first time player. After reading the class description for about five minutes, I just picked something at random. I’m sure those differences between classes would make a lot more sense after putting a few dozen hours into this game, which seems to be quite a normal thing after seeing other people’s playtime (some folks on Steam actually spent over a thousand hours playing this game).

The first 30 minutes of playing were really difficult for me – some things became boring quite quickly while others were still overwhelming. For example, one-hit-kill snakes would constantly come from all directions but leave you with next to no reward, which didn’t leave me too impressed. Soon afterwards, I was being chased by some incredibly strong trolls and stood no chance whatsoever. I feel like the game gets too hard too quickly, but I’m sure I would get better over time.

The graphics aren’t anything special, but this isn’t a problem at all. Things may be low-resolution, but the art is still well-made with plenty of interesting environments and enemies. I really like how easily you can differentiate between the surroundings and the objects of interest – it’s next to impossible to miss something important, which means you will rarely get killed by an enemy of almost the exact same color as the world around it.

Each time you kill an enemy, you have a chance of receiving an item, usually a weapon, a piece of clothing or some stats-increasing potion. If you have too many items in your backpack at once, your character will refuse to move and you will have to go through your whole inventory and check items one by one, seeing which ones you don’t need (which usually means most of them). Items are really important because progressing through the world can get exceedingly difficult if you don’t ever bother to equip better items you’ve just collected. Trust me, I’ve learned this the hard way.

I mentioned how hard this game can be and you can imagine that your character can die quite frequently. Tales of Maj’Eyal has an interesting system implemented, however. Whenever you die, you may get resurrected depending on how many times you already died and how long ago the last death occurred. This helped me a lot in the early stages and it certainly makes things a bit easier for beginners.

If you like collecting achievements, this game has 1746 of them. Steam Workshop is also integrated, meaning that you can add all kinds of UI modifications to the game if you so desire. The variety of the content users uploaded is stunning, I only expected to see different maps and more classes on there.

Forbidden Cults DLC

Forbidden Cults, the recently released DLC, also brings more content to the table. Apart from including two new classes, two new races and seven new zones, you can also enjoy several new enemies, even more lore, artifacts, different kinds of random events, and, of course, even more achievements. If you’re a new player you probably won’t care about most of this new content, but it is indeed a very welcome addition to the more experienced audience. What’s interesting about the new classes is the so-called Insanity resource, which builds up over time and makes your character more powerful the more you play.


Although it was difficult for me to start playing this game, I now find it more and more enjoyable and I certainly see myself playing more of it in the future. The amount of content is just staggering and the new DLC adds even more of that.

Overall, the game didn’t have any bugs at all and ran on my computer perfectly, it had nice music, it was exciting and although I got bored for a few minutes at times, I can see why some people are addicted to this game.

While I do recommend the base game at its price, I would like to point out that buying the DLC is only a good idea if you’ve played the game previously. If you’re completely new to Tales of Maj’Eyal, you should probably play the game for some time before considering purchasing additional content. I would also like to point out that you can download this game for free over at https://te4.org/. If you like it, however, do consider purchasing it on Steam as well (just think of the achievements!).

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Tales of Maj'Eyal: Forbidden Cults Expansion Released

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Tales of Maj'Eyal, otherwise known as TOME, NetCore Games' award-winning roguelike RPG with a deep character building system, a great assortment of classes, skills and environments, and a whole heap of colorful lore, has added Forbidden Cults, a brand new expansion, to its already impressive catalogue of content.
This Lovecraftian expansion adds two new character classes, two races, new zones, items, and, naturally, edritch horrors to the game. You can buy it from Steam or GOG for $6.99 or your regional equivalent. To experience the expansion content you'll also need the base game, but fortunately you can grab it at 75% off through May 23rd. So, without further ado, here's the official teaser trailer:

And here are Forbidden Cults' key features:

Not all adventurers seek fortune, not all that defend the world have good deeds in mind.
Lately the number of sightings of horrors have grown tremendously. People wander off the beaten paths only to be found years later, horribly mutated and partly insane, if they are found at all. It is becoming evident something is stirring deep below Maj'Eyal.
Cults That something is you.
Forbidden Cults is a big expansion for Tales of Maj'Eyal to let you explore the horrors that lurk beneath the surface, to delve in long lost knowledge and lore and as usual to die a lot!
Forbidden Cults makes two new classes available to play:
  • Writhing One: Give in to the corrupting forces and turn yourself gradually into an horror, summon horrors to do your bidding, shed your skin and melt your face to assault your foes. With your arm already turned into a tentacle, what creature can stop you?
  • Cultist of Entropy: Using its insanity and control of entropic forces to unravel the normal laws of physic this caster class can turn healing into attacks and call upon the forces of the void to reduce its foes to dust.
Both those classes use a new resource called Insanity that gradually makes you both more chaotic and powerful as it fills up.
Forbidden Cults makes two new races available to play:
  • Drem: A corrupt subrace of dwarves, that somehow managed to keep a shred of sanity to not fully devolve into mindless horrors. They can enter a frenzy and even learn to summon horrors.
  • Krog: Ogres transformed by the very thing that should kill them. Their powerful attacks can stun their foes and they are so strong they can dual wield any one handed weapons.

Tales Of Maj'eyal Forbidden Cults

Forbidden Cults adds many new zones for you to explore and die in:
  • Kroshkkur: An ancient Sher'tul Fortress laying half in ruins that serves as a focal point, and home, for all kinds of creatures seeking lost knowledge.
  • The Maggot: A huge living corrupted worm about to destroy Kroshkkur! Teleport inside and save your sanctuary of horrors!
  • The Godfeaster: Deep undergroud the ground shakes as .. -- redacted by corrupt forces --
  • The Scourge Pits: On the south of the Iron Throne lays a fool pit of .. -- redacted by corrupt forces --
  • Forbidden Tomes: Find special artifact books of ancient lore. But, read at your own peril, for the story they tell may very well suck you in.. quite literally. Maybe you will even find The One That Writes..
  • Occult Egress: A strange, extremely old, contraption of unknown origin. It seems to require some kind of code sequence to activate. Maybe you will find some during your adventures?
  • The Entropic Void: So you think you are strong? Powerful? Invulnerable? In the end, entropy always wins, as you will learn..

Tales Of Maj Eyal Builds

What would an expansion about horrors be without a bunch of new horrors to torment you with? Please give a warm welcome to:
  • Searing Horrors: You liked luminous horrors? You loved radiant horrors? You will absolutely adore their searing big brothers!
  • Nethergates: It sleeps. Maybe it should stay that way.
  • Netherworms: Vampiric worm masses that are bound to tickle your fancy! And tickle hard.
  • Fearful Symmetry: Geometry has never been so lively!
  • Entropic Shards: Take an entropic crystal, shatter it with tentacles. And die.
  • And more ..

Tales Of Maj'eyal Quest

'DarkGod, is that all?' Obviously not! You will also find your usual addition of:
  • Lore: Delve into the dark forgotten secrets of the world, where sanity is a very tenuous idea.
  • Artifacts: Discover new objects of power and use them to further your own goals.
  • New wyrmic tree: Unlock the scourge drake for your wyrmics.
  • Glass Golem: Unlock the glass golem option for your alchemists.
  • Events: Discover new strange contraptions in familiar zones. What could go wrong?
  • In-Game Achievements: Because there can never be enough!

Tales Of Maj Eyal

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