Sophos Enterprise

Posted : admin On 15.08.2021

You can configure automatic updates.

Sophos Enterprise Management Console

To configure the main update manager:
  1. In Sophos Enterprise Console, on the Actions menu, click Run the Download Security Software Wizard.
  2. On the Sophos download account details page, enter the username and password that are printed on your license schedule. If you access the internet via a proxy server, select the Access Sophos via a proxy server check box.
  3. On the Platform selection page, select the platforms that you want to protect.
    When you click Next, Sophos Enterprise Console begins downloading your software.
  4. On the Downloading software page, downloading progress is displayed. Click Next at any time.
  5. On the Import computers from Active Directory page, select the Set up groups for your computers check box if you want Sophos Enterprise Console to use your existing Active Directory computer groups.
    Note If a computer is added to more than one Active Directory container, it will cause a problem, with messages being exchanged continually between the computer and Sophos Enterprise Console.
Sophos Enterprise

Sophos Enterprise Protect Plus

The software that you have selected is downloaded to the share server nameSophosUpdate, where server name is the name of the server on which the update manager is installed.

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If you turned off User Account Control before installation of Sophos Enterprise Console, you can now turn it on again.

Now configure the update manager manually, if necessary.