Sophos Computer Security

Posted : admin On 15.08.2021

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  1. Sophos Computer Security
  2. Computer Security Wikipedia
  1. On the endpoint computer open the Sophos main application (double-click the Sophos shield). On the left hand panel select 'View product information'. Under 'Anti-Virus and HIPS' expand the 'Software' section confirm the 'Last updated' field is recent. Access the following folder.
  2. Feb 24, 2020 Applies to the following Sophos products and versions Enterprise Console, Sophos Endpoint Security and Control 10.7.2 Installation of the Sophos Enterprise Console Make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of SEC and you have checked the following: System Requirements for Enterprise Console, Port Requirements and The accounts you need.

Anti-Virus software is vital to help keep both University computers and your own personal computer secure. Sophos Anti-Virus software is the UW’s preferred choice for UW faculty, staff and students. The Sophos product suite includes stand-alone and managed anti-virus clients for all current (and many older) versions of Windows and Mac OS, and most of the popular UNIX and Linux distributions. It also provides apps for both Android and iOS based mobile devices.

Get Sophos

Applies to the following Sophos products and versions Sophos Endpoint Security and Control 10.8.4 What to do If the computer has downloaded updates recently, you do not need to take further action. Confirm your Anti-Virus installation is up to date. On the endpoint computer open the Sophos main application (double-click the Sophos shield).

Sophos Anti-Virus protection is available to UW faculty, staff, students and departments. Which version of Sophos you download depends on the ownership of your computer. Choose the appropriate option:

UW-owned computers

The UW Sophos license allows UW students, faculty, and staff to download the UW’s Sophos software on University-owned computers, servers, and workstations. The software can be installed on unlimited UW-owned computers at no cost.
Get Sophos for UW-owned computers:

Note: Sophos Antivirus is now compatible with Mac OS 11 (Big Sur). You can now update your Mac OS to Big Sur to run on Sophos.

  • Download Sophos after agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Your personal computer or device

UW students, faculty, and staff can get Sophos Home Premium for free on their personal computers and devices. To get Sophos Home Premium, enter your UW email address on the page linked below. You will receive an email with a coupon code and a link to register for your license and download Sophos Home Premium. You can also download basic Sophos Home instead.
Get Sophos Home Premium for your personal computer or device:

Get basic Sophos Home instead:

Departmental IT

Sophos Central, a web-based Enterprise Console, is available to UW departmental IT and system administrators to install and manage Sophos Endpoint Protection suite on their departmental computers.
Get Sophos Central:

License Details

The UW Sophos license grants faculty and staff at UW the rights to use the software on UW owned computers, servers, and workstations.

  • There is no charge for the software.
  • UW-IT administers this site license.

Sophos Home Premium (or “Sophos Home Commercial Use Edition”) is provided courtesy of Sophos to students, faculty, and staff. With an affiliated UW email address, users can get Sophos Home Premium at no cost for their personal computers and devices. This offer may end at any time and without warning. If that happens, please switch to the basic version of Sophos Home. UW employees or students interested in participating in this offer should go to Sophos Home Download Page, agree to the terms, and use their or email address to request a coupon code. Sophos will then send an email to that UW address with a coupon code and instructions on next steps. The UW email address is only required for receiving the coupon code–UW users are then welcome to use any email address they choose for registering their account with Sophos.

The Sophos Home Premium software listed below is for use on your personal computer and should not be installed on the UW-owned equipment. Once you have separated from the UW, you must remove the software from your computer.

Sophos Antivirus for home Windows and Macintosh computers provides the same level of protection as the UW licensed package does. The application can be installed on up to three computers. After free registration, you will get a web portal where you can monitor your devices and act on detected issues when needed. Sophos provides free Linux antivirus software. Sophos Antivirus for Linux

More information is available from Sophos:

Documentation and support

Online documentation and support

Need help?

Contact UW-IT at [email protected] or call 206-221-5000.

Sophos Computer Security

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The Status tab in a computer's details page lets you see the computer's security health and details of any alerts.

It also lets you take action against alerts.

Security Health

These status details are only shown if the computer is using the Security Heartbeat feature.

The computer security status is reported by computers running Windows 7 and later.

This shows whether the device has threats detected, has out-of-date software, is not compliant with policy, or is not properly protected. The overall status is the same as that for the highest-priority item listed (red, orange or green).

Computer Security Wikipedia


Best computer security software

The page lists any alerts on the device. The details include:

  • Alert details: For example, the name of the malware.
  • When the alert occurred.
  • The actions that you can take. These depend on the type of threat or event and are the same as the actions available in the Dashboard.