Sophos Bandwidth Management

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You need to turn on Sophos Central management on Sophos Firewall and accept the request on Sophos Central.

You'll need a Sophos Central account (either a license or trial).

Turn on Sophos Central management on Sophos Firewall

  1. Bandwidth Pools are essentially an action to be taken. This action tells the UTM how to prioritize, limit or guarantee bandwidth for a packet that matches a Traffic Selector. If the TOS or DSCP options are used, this carries over into how the UTM handles the packet. To specify a new Bandwidth Pool, follow these steps: Click New Bandwidth Pool.
  2. The next step involves active bandwidth managemen t, which includes the distribution of bandwidth to the devices in your network. A variety of bandwidth management software is available to help you manage bandwidth. You can also adjust the individual bandwidth consumption of devices (routers, switches) in the respective device’s settings.
  3. Cyberoam Bandwidth Management offers Layer 8 Identity-based bandwidth control, preventing congestion, bandwidth abuse and optimizing bandwidth and delivering higher ROI. The solution prioritizes business-critical applications and users with granular Layer 7 and Layer 8 controls, supporting Cloud and SaaS deployments while lowering capital.
  4. In Sophos UTM version 9.1 and later, you have ability to throttle the download speed for various services and the interfaces. In some cases it is necessary to throttle the download speed for some or all services. You can also configure if one or more interfaces are affected by QoS rules.

Sophos Firewall Manager (SFM), Sophos Central Firewall Manager(CFM) or Sophos Central centrally manages your Sophos Firewall (device). Central management allows you to configure keep-alive requests and to enable configuration and signature updates of the device through the firewall manager.

  1. Sign in to Sophos Firewall and go to Central Synchronization.
  2. Click Register and add the email address and password for your Sophos Central administrator account. Click Register.

    For instructions on how to create a Sophos Central administrator account, see the video available on Sophos Central: Getting Started.

  3. Turn on Sophos Central Services.

Gaining Internet activity insights and keeping abreast about security events is a challenging task as the security appliance generates a huge quantity of security and traffic logs. With a package of features, Firewall Analyzer's Sophos reporting capability fit like a glove enabling you to strengthen the network security. Firewall Analyzer lets you collect, archive, analyze Sophos device logs and generate security and forensic reports.


Sophos firewall security and capacity management

With Firewall Analyzer, a Sophos firewall monitoring toll, you can access predefined reports that help in analyzing bandwidth usage and understanding security and network activities. These reports help you to study the security vulnerability with top denied hosts, blocked URL hits, attacks, targets, virus, affected hosts, spam, receiving hosts.

Sophos firewall bandwidth capacity planning

Sophos firewall trend reports in Firewall Analyzer trace patterns in network behavior and bandwidth usage over time. Analysis of trend reports gives better insight into the nature of web site traffic or network traffic, and helps you make decisions on capacity planning, business risk assessment, bandwidth management, traffic shaping, and network security posture.

Sophos firewall bandwidth monitoring

Firewall Analyzer, a Sophos bandwidth monitor tool, provides a unique way to monitor the Internet traffic of the network in near real-time. Firewall traffic data is collected and analyzed to get granular details about the traffic across each firewall. There is no requirement for any probes or collection agents to get these details on the traffic.

Sophos traffic analyzer

Firewall Analyzer is a Sophos traffic monitor tool. It measures network traffic based on the analysis of logs received from different network firewalls. Firewall logs are collected, archived, and analyzed to get granular details about traffic across Sophos firewall devices.

Employee internet usage monitoring

What Is Bandwidth Management

With Firewall Analyzer for Sophos, you can maximize the business usage of Internet bandwidth using employee Internet monitoring. You can fine tune the Firewall policies to block or restrict bandwidth guzzling web sites and effectively control employee Internet usage. This will ensure that the bandwidth is available for smooth functioning of the business.

Sophos firewall alerts

Apart from exhaustive firewall reports with respect to network security, Firewall Analyzer offers comprehensive alarms and notifications.
The Sophos firewall log viewer tool generates alarms for anomalous security criteria, bandwidth values, and any normal criteria of security interest.
Alarms can be notified via email and SMS. It can trigger a script to achieve various threat mitigation activities. Alarms are also displayed in the UI screen.

To configure Sophos firewalls, refer the Sophos UTM and Sophos XG help pages.
Firewall Analyzer Sophos reports provide a unified solution to manage your organization's network security. The reports help you safeguard your network from external vulnerabilities. Download a 30-day free trial version of Firewall Analyzer today!

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Sophos Bandwidth Management Software

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Sophos Bandwidth Management System

CompanyFirewall/VersionWELF CertifiedOther Log Format
SophosUTM 9.0 or later