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Die beiden Streaming-Dienste Sky Ticket und Sky Go werden von interessierten Neukunden oftmals verwechselt.

Fakten-Vergleich der beiden Sky Produkte:

Sky TicketSky Go
Link zum Angebot
Separat buchbar?Ja, eigener Dienst; unabhängig von Sky AboNein, nur im „großen“ Sky Abo enthalten
Kostenab 9,99€/Monatkostenlos bei jedem Sky Abo dabei
Paketstruktur3 Monatspakete (Film, Entertainment, Sport-Monat), 1 flexibles Sport-Tages-TicketJe nach gebuchten Premiumpaketen im Sky Abo werden Inhalte freigeschaltet
Mindest-Vertragslaufzeit1 Monat bei Monatspaketen12 oder 24 Monate
Kündigungsfristmonatlich 7 Tage zum Ende des Monats, Sport-Tag automatisch beendet2 Monate zum Ende der Sky Abo-Vertragslaufzeit
Kündigungsfristmonatlichzum Ende der Sky Abo-Vertragslaufzeit
NutzungsorteDeutschland, ÖsterreichDeutschland, Österreich
Sender Disney Junior (Kindersender – Alter: ca. 3-6 Jahre)

Disney XD (Kindersender – Alter: ca. 6-12 Jahre)

National Geographic Channel (Natur-Dokus)

Spiegel Geschichte (Geschichts-Dokus)

FOX (Serien-Sender)

RTL Crime (Krimi-Serien)

TNT Glitz (Frauen/Lifestyle-Sender)

TNT Serie (Serien-Sender)

Sky Atlantic (hochklassiger HBO Serien-Sender)

Sky Cinema (Premiumsender von Sky mit vielen Blockbustern und ca. 20 Film-Premieren/Monat)

Sky Sport 1

Sky Bundesliga 1

Sky Bundesliga 2

Sky Sport 2

Sky Sport Austria

Alle Sender und Inhalte, die auch im gebuchten Sky Abo enthalten sind. Plus Sky Box Sets.
EmpfangsgeräteGrundsätzlich per Browser, aber auch viele Apps für zahlreiche Empfangsgeräte vorhandenDeutschland, Österreich

Und was ist Sky On Demand?

Auch Sky On Demand ist ein Streaming-Dienst von Sky. Diesen Service könnte man als „Sky Go“ für zuhause beschreiben.

Sky Go For Pc

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Genau wie bei Sky Go ist Sky On Demand bei Nutzung eines Sky+ Receivers kostenlos dabei, die Inhalte richten sich nach den gebuchten Paketen.

Über Sky On Demand können Sky Go-Inhalte am ans Internet angeschlossenen Receiver gestreamt werden.

The following guide will show you How to watch Sky Go on Smart TV. The Sky Go app is excellent for watching TV channels from Sky and other UK-based networks. It also has a vast library of on-demand movies, TV shows, and box sets, offering hundreds of hours of entertainment on the go.

However, the list of compatible devices is quite limited, which is something you may have noticed when trying to watch Sky Go on smart TV. Although you can watch live TV channels and on-demand content on your Sky TV box, the complimentary online service Sky Go isn’t as versatile as they advertise it to be.

Assuming that you have a Sky TV subscription, you can follow this guide to learn more about watching Sky Go on smart TV. We have also included a few workarounds to get Sky Go working on other devices.


  • 1 Is it Possible to Watch Sky Go on Smart TV?

Is it Possible to Watch Sky Go on Smart TV?

There are a few things you need before you can watch Sky Go on your smart TV, and one of them is Chromecast.

Whether it’s a dongle solution or your TV has Chromecast built-in, it will be required for mirroring content from the Sky Go app.

Alternatively, you can use an HDMI cable to connect a PC or laptop to your TV for streaming Sky Go channels and VOD content.

Even though Sky Go is one of the biggest streaming services in the United Kingdom, the famous pay-TV provider Sky still doesn’t officially support Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung/LG/VIZIO smart TVs.

Endless space® 2: ost download free. Despite the unavailability, subscribers have found alternative ways to watch Sky Go on their TVs, which you can check out below. We have tested some of the workarounds and found them to be working.


Watch Sky Go on TV Using Chromecast

The Sky Go app doesn’t have Chromecast support. People often mix up the UK version of the Sky Go app with the one available in New Zealand, which officially supports Chromecast devices.

Still, there’s a way to cast Sky Go content to Chromecast from a PC or laptop, with the whole process going as follows:

  • First, download and install Google Chrome on your PC or laptop in case you don’t have it already.
  • Now get the Sky Go desktop app from and sign in with your Sky ID.
  • After that, start streaming something from the Sky Go app, then open up a Chrome window.
  • Click the (⋮) ellipsis icon at the right end of the navigation bar above the Chrome window, and click the Cast option in the following menu.
  • In the next pop-up window, select Sources and click the Cast desktop Chrome will scan for Chromecast devices on the same network.
  • Assuming that your PC/laptop and Chromecast device is connected to your local Wi-Fi hotspot, you will be able to select your Chromecast from the scan results.
  • Once you select the Chromecast device, click Share. You should see the mirrored desktop feed on your TV.
  • Minimize the Chrome window and return to the Sky Go app.

If you have followed the steps correctly, then you should be able to watch Sky Go content on your TV over Chromecast.

Watch Sky Go on Smart TV Using HDMI

Connecting your PC or laptop to your TV over HDMI is the hassle-free way to watch Sky Go content.

As long as there are HDMI ports on both of your devices, you can use an HDMI cable to connect your computer to your TV and mirror your desktop over a wired and reliable interface.

After that, simply launch the Sky Go app from your desktop and begin playing back a live TV channel or on-demand content on your TV.

It’s worth mentioning that this workaround won’t work if you use an HDMI adapter to connect your smartphone to the TV.

Also, make sure to plug one end of the HDMI cable to your TV’s HDMI port that supports at least HDCP 2.2 (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection). Otherwise, you will only see a black screen in the Sky Go app player.

Can I Put Sky Go on my Smart TV Using a PlayStation 4?

While PlayStation 4 is primarily advertised for playing games, you can also use it as a Blu-Ray player or a streaming device to watch movies, TV shows, and live TV channels.

Sky officially offers its streaming app named “TV from Sky” for the PS4. Although it’s not the same app as Sky Go, TV from Sky shares the same content library.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to watch Sky Go on TV using a PlayStation 4:

  • If you have the Sky Q box, you can skip this step. Else, contact Sky (0330 041 3000) and add the Sky Go Extra (£5+) add-on to your existing Sky TV subscription. You will need it to get the “TV from Sky” app activated on your PS4.
  • Next, go to the PlayStation Store and download the “TV from Sky” app on PS4.
  • Launch “TV from Sky” from the TV & Video section of the PS4 home screen.
  • Click the Sign In option on the welcome page, then enter your Sky ID and password.

Sky Sky Song

Once you are logged in to the “TV from Sky” app, you will be able to watch almost all the live TV channels included in your Sky TV subscription, as well as stream catch-ups, movies, and TV box sets from Sky’s on-demand library.

Watch Sky Go on TV Using an Xbox One

The “TV from Sky” (Sky Go alternative) app is also available for the Xbox One game console. If you have one lying around, you can use it to watch Sky channels and on-demand box sets on your TV. Just do the following:

  • First, Go to the Store from the Xbox One dashboard and search for the “TV from Sky” app, and download it.
  • Now launch “TV from Sky” from the My games and apps section on your Xbox One.
  • Enter your Sky ID and password, then click Submit. You should get logged in to the app.

Upon successful login, you can watch the same live TV channels and on-demand content from the “TV from Sky” app, as you would find in Sky Go’s streaming library. Note that you will have to pay for the Sky Go Extra add-on, similar to what we need for “TV from Sky” to work on PlayStation 4.

Can I Get Sky Go on Android Box / TV?

Unfortunately, there’s no official Sky Go app for Android TV, Fire TV, or Apple TV devices. You can only get the Sky Go mobile app on Android and iOS smartphones/tablets from their respective app stores.

Although many websites claim to have the Sky Go mobile app working on Android TV and Fire TV devices, it’s completely false and misleading.

While it’s possible to sideload the Sky Go APK file on Android TV and Fire TV, it will simply crash or show you an error message when you try to get past the login screen.

Sky Go Sky Sports

Also, a lot of sites trick users into installing a “modded” version of the Sky Go app that apparently works on Android TV and Fire TV devices.

However, most of these modified APK files are injected with malicious code that is meant to collect your sensitive information and slow down your device. We recommend you to avoid installing untrusted APK files from such websites.

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Wrapping Up

Sky Ski Game

This guide has hopefully cleared your doubts about watching Sky Go on smart TV. While there is no official Sky Go app for Android TV or LG/Samsung/Vizio Smart TVs as of now, you can follow one of our workarounds and watch your favorite Sky Go channels and on-demand content on your big screen.