Shazam Control Center Ios 14

Posted : admin On 16.08.2021

Apple released the surprise first beta of iOS 14.2 to developers, just one day after iOS 14 was released to the general public. One of the new changes in iOS 14.2 is a brand new Shazam toggle that can be added to Control Center.

To add the new Shazam music recognition toggle to Control Center, first make sure you’re running the developer beta of iOS 14.2, which is rolling out today. Then, open the Settings app, choose “Control Center,” then look for Shazam beneath the “More Controls” header. You can then add the Shazam toggle and rearrange it as you see fit.

Once you’ve added the Shazam toggle to Control Center, you can simply tap the control and Shazam will instantly start to listen for music and show you the song name and artist through a pop-up. That pop-up also makes it easy to find the song on Apple Music.

This marks one of the deepest integrations we’ve seen of Shazam within iOS since Apple acquired the music recognition service in December of 2017. Third-party applications are not able to integrate with the Control Center toggles, so this is a benefit of Shazam being owned by Apple. Earlier today, the Shazam app was updated to take advantage of new iOS 14 features as well.

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Shazam Control Center Ios 14
  • Apple skips iOS 14.1 for some reason, seeds the iOS 14.2 and iPadOS 14.2 developer betas: Shazam integration in the control centre tops the feature list The iOS 14.2 developer beta introduces.
  • Since iOS 14.2 you have super fast access to Shazam. You can put a Shazam Do you hear a song and don't know what it's called? Then the Shazam app has been the solution for years. The app listens via the microphone of your iPhone, and then knows exactly what song you are listening to. Since iOS 14.2 you have super fast acce.

It is a beta, so expect some bugs. IOS 14.2 will likely be in beta testing for some time as we await new iPhones, with a launch perhaps coming later in October.Related Roundups: iOS 14, iPadOS 14 This article, “Hands-On With iOS 14.2’s New Shazam Music Recognition Toggle in Control Center” first appeared on

Ios 14 Control Center Shazam

If you’re not seeing the iOS 14.2 developer on your device just yet, it’s because it’s not yet rolling out over-the-air. Instead, it’s only available as a direct download from Apple’s Developer website. Theoretically, an over-the-air update should roll out sooner rather than later.

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