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  1. Myths And Legends Of The Sioux Pdf Free Download Free
  • Download the free PDF, epub, or Kindle ebook of Myths and Legends of the Sioux. No registration needed. McLaughlin, born to a white father and a mixed-blood Sioux mother.
  • LibriVox recording of Myths and Legends of the Great Plains by Katharine Berry Judson. Read in English by Kyle Van DeGlast Myths and Legends of the Great Plains is a compendium of myths and legends from the Great Plains region of the US. It includes many short stories, and also quite a few songs and poems.

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By Mrs. Marie L. Python selenium chrome web scraping. Mclaughlin

Myths And Legends Of The Sioux PDF Free Download

In loving memory of my mother, MARY GRAHAM BUISSON, at whose knee most of the stories contained in this little volume were told to me, this book is affectionately dedicated


Dedication Foreword The Forgotten Ear of Corn The Little Mice The Pet Rabbit The Pet Donkey The Rabbit and the Elk The Rabbit and the Grouse Girls The Faithful Lovers The Artichoke and the Muskrat The Rabbit, and the Bear with the Flint Body Story of the Lost Wife The Raccoon and the Crawfish Legend of Standing Rock Story of the Peace Pipe A Bashful Courtship The Simpleton's Wisdom Little Brave and the Medicine Woman The Bound Children The Signs of Corn Story of the Rabbits How the Rabbit Lost His Tail Unktomi and the Arrowheads The Bear and the Rabbit Hunt Buffalo The Brave Who Went on the Warpath Alone and Won the Name of the Lone Warrior The Sioux Who Married the Crow Chief's Daughter The Boy and the Turtles The Hermit, or the Gift of Corn The Mysterious Butte The Wonderful Turtle The Man and the Oak Story of the Two Young Friends The Story of the Pet Crow The 'Wasna' (Pemmican Man) and the Unktomi (Spider) The Resuscitation of the Only Daughter The Story of the Pet Crane White Plume Story of Pretty Feathered Forehead The Four Brothers or Inyanhoksila (Stone Boy) The Unktomi (Spider), Two Widows and the Red Plums


In publishing these 'Myths of the Sioux,' I deem it proper to state thatI am of one fourth Sioux blood. My maternal grandfather, Captain DuncanGraham, a Scotchman by birth, who had seen service in the British Army,was one of a party of Scotch Highlanders who in 1811 arrived in theBritish Northwest by way of York Factory, Hudson Bay, to found what wasknown as the Selkirk Colony, near Lake Winnipeg, now within theprovince of Manitoba, Canada. Soon after his arrival at Lake Winnipeg heproceeded up the Red River of the North and the western fork thereofto its source, and thence down the Minnesota River to Mendota, theconfluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers, where he located. Mygrandmother, Ha za ho ta win, was a full blood of the Medawakanton Bandof the Sioux Tribe of Indians. My father, Joseph Buisson, born nearMontreal, Canada, was connected with the American Fur Company, withheadquarters at Mendota, Minnesota, which point was for many years thechief distributing depot of the American Fur Company, from which theIndian trade conducted by that company on the upper Mississippi wasdirected.

I was born December 8, 1842, at Wabasha, Minnesota, then Indian country,and resided thereat until fourteen years of age, when I was sent toschool at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.

I was married to Major James McLaughlin at Mendota, Minnesota,January 28, 1864, and resided in Minnesota until July 1, 1871, when Iaccompanied my husband to Devils Lake Agency, North Dakota, then DakotaTerritory, where I remained ten years in most friendly relations withthe Indians of that agency. My husband was Indian agent at Devils LakeAgency, and in 1881 was transferred to Standing Rock, on the MissouriRiver, then a very important agency, to take charge of the Sioux whohad then but recently surrendered to the military authorities, and beenbrought by steamboat from various points on the upper Missouri, to bepermanently located on the Standing Rock reservation.

Myths And Legends Of The Sioux Pdf Free Download Free

Having been born and reared in an Indian community, I at an early ageacquired a thorough knowledge of the Sioux language, and having lived onIndian reservations for the past forty years in a position which broughtme very near to the Indians, whose confidence I possessed, I have,therefore, had exceptional opportunities of learning the legends andfolk lore of the Sioux.. Continue reading book >>