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Part memoir, part historical and cultural analysis, MyVanishing Country is an eye-opening journey through the South'spast, present, and future.

Actual inch. Anchored in in Bakari Sellers' hometown of Denmark, SouthCarolina, Country illuminates the pride and pain thatcontinues to fertilize the soil of one of the poorest states in thenation. He traces his father’s rise to becomeafriend of Stokely Carmichael and Martin Luther King, a civilrights hero, and a member of the Student Non-Violent CoordinatingCommittee (SNCC), to explore the plight of the South's dwindlingrural, black working class―many of whom cantracetheir ancestry back for seven generations.

In his poetic personal history, we are awakened to the crisisaffecting the other “Forgotten Men &Women,” who the media seldom acknowledges. ForSellers, these are his family members, neighbors, and friends. Hehumanizes thestruggles that shape their lives: to gain access tohealthcare as rural hospitals disappear; to make ends meet as thefactories they have relied on shut down and move overseas; to holdon to precious traditions as their towns erode; toforge a pathforward without succumbing to despair.

My Vanishing Country Summary


My Vanishing Country is also a love letter tofatherhood―to Sellers' father, his lodestar,whose life lessons have shaped him, and to his newborn twins, whohe hopes will embrace the Sellers family name and honor itslegacy.

My Vanishing Country: A Memoir

Book My Vanishing Country

by BakariSellers

Jenna says

I didn't know who Bakari Sellers was before reading this book butthe cover got my attention - such a serious,contemplative child. The intensity in his gaze made me wonder whathe saw and what he was thinkingabout.
Bakari Sellers was only 22 when he was elected arepresentative to South Carolina, becoming the youngestAfrican American elected official in the country. Hehas accomplished so much, though he is only 35yearsold.
I almost DNF'ed this book after 50 pages. Initially, it jumpedaround too much and the writing felt strangely detached. It wastedious.
There is a lot of information about his parents, especially hisfather and his work in the Civil Rights movement. That wasinteresting but I was often left floundering by the waythe author jumps back and forthbetween his own life and thatof his father, and other historical people and events.
Then came a section where he seemed to brag incessantly whichI always find irritating in memoirs.
Thankfully, the book gradually improved. Mr. Sellers found hiswriting voice and opened up. I finally felt like I was listening tohim and not some detached observer of his life.
It took a hundred pages but it's well worth sticking with the bookto finally get invited into Mr. Sellers' inner life. He shares hisobservations of racism, beginning at a young age, and of how he wasmotivated to fight for Blackrights and equality. The photo on thecover says to me, 'I see all the ugliness in this world and I'mdetermined to change it'.
The parts of the book scrutinizing systemic racism were the mostinteresting for me. I also appreciated Bakari's honesty about hisintense anxiety and fear of failure. It is remarkable how he wasable to use his anxiety to accomplishso much in so littletime.
I hope Mr. Sellers will run for office again because we desperatelyneed politicians with his compassion, insight, and drive. My guessis that he is considering running again and My VanishingCountry is a platform from which tolaunch a new politicalcareer.
3.5 stars rounded up. The writing quality isn't the best, but it'sstill a book worth reading. Bakari Sellers has a lot we need tohear.

Jacob says

In all honesty, I was expecting more from this book. And that, Ifeel, is possibly why I’m rating it fairly low.Simply put, I didn’t find it all that interesting— though obviously it deals with extremelyimportant and pertinentthemes (particularly given the currentscene). This book is often paired with ‘HillbillyElegy’, but I don’t thinkthat’s a good comparison.Seller’s background is not akin to J. D.Vance’s, in that his parents and familybackgroundare arguably far more privileged — interms of education, and existing standing within the Americanpublic eye and especially the Black community. For a good chunk ofthis book, I found it quite hard to engage with author, feelingasthough his story was comparatively unremarkable. That he wasraised up by the inspired actions and efforts of his forebears, andseemed, on some level or other, to coast on this background, forinstance frequently depending on what ismost easily described asnepotism to continue his upward elevation.
The title of this book is misleading, as the content more concernsSeller’s personal story than the plight of thewider Black community and the systematic destruction of small-townAmerica. I went in expecting more of the latter, butinstead got asolid helping of what occasionally veered on the side ofegotistical self-aggrandising. That may seem harsh; but I did notfeel a particular affinity for the author. He is undoubtedly aremarkably talented, eloquent anddriven individual. But thatdoesn’t necessarily equate to an interestingnarrative voice, nor compelling story. Being successfuldoesn’t make you interesting.
The key content here is a story of his personal elevation. And itisn’t something akin to TaraWestover’s extraordinary‘Educated’ (everyone, go readthat!), nor the aforementioned‘Elegy’ (which, incidentally, Iwas also disappointedby). Whilst there are some sections— especially the detailed accounts of hisfather’s activism — that I didfind informative, I came away from ‘VanishingCountry’ unmoved. Ultimately, I think this is abook that could do with severalmore decades of life. While some ofSeller’s accomplishments are self evidently headturning, they do not warrant a book at this moment in time.

Amerie says

June's Amerie's Book Club selection is My Vanishing Country byBakari Sellers!

My Vanishing Country Book Review

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