Mtg Arena Mac Os Download

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Mtg Arena Mac Os Download

Introducing the MTGGoldfish Arena Companion App! The Companion App sits on your desktop and allows you to sync your Magic Arena collection with your MTGGoldfish account. It's available to everyone for free! You can view your collection including wildcards on MTGGoldfish. MTGGoldfish Premium members can take this further and use their collection to power Super Brew, which lets you find decks you can build based on the cards in your collection. The application works by reading the log files generated by Magic Arena, so it's 100% safe for your computer and Magic Arena account.


Mac OSDownload1.0.3


1. Download and install the MTGGoldfish Arena Companion App using the link above.

For Windows:

a) Launch setup.exe and follow the prompts.

For Mac OS:

a) Open the .dmg file and drag the app into the Applications folder. It is important to install the app to get automatic updates.

b) Double click the Applications folder, then navigate to the MTGGoldfish Arena Companion. Right Click > Open and accept the warning. It is important to use Right Click > Open the first time you launch the app, otherwise Mac OS won't give you the option to proceed. This only needs to be the first time, and subsequent launches can be done as normal.

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2. Generate your Access Key. If you do not have an MTGGoldfish account, sign up first. Otherwise, log into your account. Go to Account > Settings and scroll down to MTGGoldfish Arena Companion App Token. Click 'Generate' to create a new token, then copy it to your clipboard using the clipboard button. Treat this key like your password and never share it with anyone.

3. Launch the MTGGoldfish Arena Companion application you just installed. On the setup page, paste in your Access Key from the previous step and press 'OK.'

4. Set the location of the Magic Arena log file, output_log.txt. The default value should work for most cases. Click Save.

5. Make sure you have 'Detailed Logs' enabled in Magic Arena. Under the Settings menu, click 'View Account', and check 'Detailed Logs.'

Mtg Arena Mac Os Download Iso

6. Make sure you have opened Magic Arena and have viewed your collection on Magic Arena recently. Click 'Sync Collection' to send your collection to your MTGGoldfish account.

7. There should be a success confirmation. You can now view your collection in the Arena tab of your Collection on MTGGoldfish!

8. (Optional). Premium members can use the 'My Price (Arena)' feature and Super Brew to see what decks they can build based on their collection. Premium membership is only $6 / month with a 30-day moneyback guarantee and you can cancel anytime.


Mtg Arena Mac Os Download For Pc

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