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适用于: _ _Office 2019 for MacApplies to: _ _Office 2019 for Mac

VL (序列化程序) 将 Office 2019 for Mac 激活为批量许可版本。The Volume Serializer (VL) is used to activate Office 2019 for Mac as a volume licensed version.它是在安装 Office 之前或之后,在用户的计算机上运行的大约 4 mb 的包文件。It's an approximately 4 mb package file that you run on a user's computer, either before or after you've installed Office.


从 VLSC 下载批量许可证 (VL) 序列化程序Download the Volume License (VL) Serializer from the VLSC

若要下载 VL 序列化程序,请执行以下步骤:To download the VL Serializer, do the following steps:

  1. 登录批量许可服务中心 (VLSC)。Sign in to the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC).
  2. 选择“下载和密钥”选项卡。Select the Download and Keys tab.
  3. 搜索'Office 2019 for Mac Standard'。Search for 'Office 2019 for Mac Standard.'
  4. 选择“结果”面板中的“下载”链接。Select the Download link in the results panel.
  5. 选择窗口底部的“继续”按钮。Select the Continue button at the bottom of the window.
  6. 选择图标(带下载箭头的圆圈)以下载 VL 序列化程序 .iso 文件。Select the icon (circle with download arrow) to download the VL Serializer .iso file.
  7. 下载完成后,装载 .iso 文件以提取 VL 序列化程序包文件。Once the download is complete, mount the .iso file to extract the VL Serializer package file.

包文件的名称为 Microsoft_Office_2019_VL_Serializer.pkg。The name of the package file is Microsoft_Office_2019_VL_Serializer.pkg.

然后,在要激活批量许可版本的 Office 的每台计算机上部署和运行 VL 序列化程序包文件。Then, deploy and run the VL Serializer package file on each computer that you want to activate Office as a volume licensed version.

Microsoft_office_2019_vl_serializer.pkg Download


Office 2019 for Mac 的批量许可版本的版本号为 16.17 或更高。Volume licensed versions of Office 2019 for Mac have version numbers of 16.17 or higher.

Microsoft Office 2019 Vl Serializer Download Windows 7

有关 VL 序列化程序的其他信息Additional information about the VL Serializer

Microsoft Office 2019 Vl Serializer Download

  • 批量许可证位于 /Library/Preferences/ 目录中。The volume license is located in the /Library/Preferences/ directory.
  • 由 VL 序列化程序生成的许可 plist 包含使用生成它的计算机上的启动驱动器的序列号加密的数据。The licensing plist generated by the VL Serializer contains data that's encrypted by using the serial number of the boot drive on the computer where it was generated.每个 Office 应用程序启动时,将使用当前启动驱动器序列号作为解密密钥来解密 plist。Upon each Office application launch, the plist is decrypted by using the current boot drive serial number as the decryption key.如果无法解密数据(例如,启动驱动器序列号不同),Office 将进入未经授权状态,而不会出现警告。If the data cannot be decrypted (for example, boot drive serial number is different), Office will go into an unlicensed state without warning.
  • 由于许可证 plist 文件是使用安装它的计算机上的信息进行加密的,因此不能将其复制到其他计算机上以在该计算机上激活 Office。Because the license plist file is encrypted using information from the computer on which it's installed, you can't copy it to a different computer to activate Office on that computer.
  • 存在一个 VL 序列化程序包,其中包含在所有批量许可客户安装之间共享的单个密钥。There's a single VL Serializer package that contains a single key that's shared between all volume licensed customer installations.
  • VL 序列化程序包包含一个名为“Microsoft Office 安装助理”的二进制可执行文件。The VL Serializer package contains a binary executable that's named 'Microsoft Office Setup Assistant.'这是实际激活批量许可证的可执行文件。It's this executable that actually activates the volume license.
  • VL 序列化程序包与移动设备管理兼容 (MDM) 服务器,例如 Jamf Pro 或 FileWave。The VL Serializer package is compatible with mobile device management (MDM) servers, such as Jamf Pro or FileWave.

Microsoft Office 2019 Vl Serializer Download 32-bit

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