Metasequoia 4 Serial Id Password

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Metasequoia 4 Serial Id Password
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What is account recovery?

Account recovery is a process designed to get you back into your Apple ID account when you don’t have enough information to reset your password. For security reasons, it might take several days or longer before you can use your account again. We know this delay is inconvenient, but it's important so that we can keep your account and information safe.

Metasequoia 4 Serial Id Password

Metasequoia 4 Serial Id Password

Before you start the account recovery waiting period, try to reset your password. Learn how to reset your Apple ID password on a trusted device or through the Apple Support app on a family member’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You can also visit an Apple Store and ask to use a device on site.

Use account recovery only as a last resort when you can’t sign in or reset your Apple ID password.

After you start account recovery

After you request account recovery, you get an email with a confirmation of your request and the date and time of when you can expect to regain access.

  • If you submitted your account recovery request with through your device's browser, you should avoid using that device during this period. Using that device might cancel account recovery.
  • To avoid delays, turn off other devices that are signed in with your Apple ID until account recovery is complete.

When the wait period is over, Apple sends you a text or automated phone call with instructions to regain access to your account. Follow the instructions to immediately regain access to your Apple ID.

Metasequoia 4 Serial Id Password Reset

In some cases, you might be able to speed up the account recovery process or reset your password immediately by verifying a six-digit code sent to your primary email address. You might also be able to shorten the wait time by providing credit-card details to confirm your identity. If you’re given this option, an authorization request goes to the card issuer.*

Check the status of your request

At any time, you can see how long it will be until your account is ready for recovery, or when more information will be available. Just go to and enter your Apple ID.

Metasequoia 4 Serial Id Password Change

Cancel your request

  • If you remember your information and can sign in successfully, your wait period cancels automatically and you can use your Apple ID immediately.
  • To cancel a recovery request that you did not make, follow the instructions in your email confirmation.

Metasequoia 4 Serial Id Password Check

* Apple Pay doesn't work as a credit card. If you enter your credit-card details correctly, and are asked to reenter your security information, contact your card issuer. The issuer might have declined your authorization attempts.

Get help

  • If you need more help, contact Apple Support. While we can answer your questions about the account recovery process, we can't verify your identity or expedite the process in any way.
  • Did you forget your Apple ID password, but you don't use two-factor authentication? Learn what to do.
  • If you generated a recovery key, you can't use account recovery. Learn more about using a recovery key.