Mac Os X Upgrade Python

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Installing applications on macOS and OS X computers is easy to do when deploying the apps as packages through the Terminal using the Installer command for quiet deployments across your network. Release Date: Sept. 19, 2017 Python 3.3.x has reached end-of-life. This is its final release. It is a security-fix source-only release. Python 3.3.0 was released on 2012-09-29 and has been in security-fix-only mode since 2014-03-08. 'The basic premise of all Python development is to never use the system Python. You do not want the Mac OS X 'default Python' to be 'python3.' You want to never care about default Python.' How do we stop caring about the default? The first release of the new OS — Mac OS X Server 1.0 — used a modified version of the Mac OS GUI, but all client versions starting with Mac OS X Developer Preview 3 used a new theme known as Aqua. Aqua was a substantial departure from the Mac OS 9 interface, which had evolved with little change from that of the original Macintosh operating.

Release Date: July 20, 2020


This is the fifth maintenance release of Python 3.8

Lnx-update-tools.cmd – retrieves latest OS X guest tools; Mac OS X: On Mac OS X you will need to be either root or use sudo to run the scripts. This is really only needed if you want to use client versions of Mac OS X. You may need to ensure the OS X scripts have execute permissions by running chmod +x against the 2 files.

Note: The release you're looking at is Python 3.8.5, a bugfix release for the legacy 3.8 series. Python 3.9 is now the latest feature release series of Python 3. Get the latest release of 3.9.x here.

3.8.5 has been released out of schedule due to important security content. For details please consult the change log. Please upgrade at your earliest convenience.

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Major new features of the 3.8 series, compared to 3.7

  • PEP 572, Assignment expressions
  • PEP 570, Positional-only arguments
  • PEP 587, Python Initialization Configuration (improved embedding)
  • PEP 590, Vectorcall: a fast calling protocol for CPython
  • PEP 578, Runtime audit hooks
  • PEP 574, Pickle protocol 5 with out-of-band data
  • Typing-related: PEP 591 (Final qualifier), PEP 586 (Literal types), and PEP 589 (TypedDict)
  • Parallel filesystem cache for compiled bytecode
  • Debug builds share ABI as release builds
  • f-strings support a handy = specifier for debugging
  • continue is now legal in finally: blocks
  • on Windows, the default asyncio event loop is now ProactorEventLoop
  • on macOS, the spawn start method is now used by default in multiprocessing
  • multiprocessing can now use shared memory segments to avoid pickling costs between processes
  • typed_ast is merged back to CPython
  • LOAD_GLOBAL is now 40% faster
  • pickle now uses Protocol 4 by default, improving performance

There are many other interesting changes, please consult the 'What's New' page in the documentation for a full list.

More resources

  • PEP 569, 3.8 Release Schedule
  • Report bugs at
  • Help fund Python and its community.

Mac Os X Upgrade Python 3

Windows users

  • The binaries for AMD64 will also work on processors that implement the Intel 64 architecture. (Also known as the 'x64' architecture, and formerly known as both 'EM64T' and 'x86-64'.)
  • There are now 'web-based' installers for Windows platforms; the installer will download the needed software components at installation time.
  • There are redistributable zip files containing the Windows builds, making it easy to redistribute Python as part of another software package. Please see the documentation regarding Embedded Distribution for more information.

macOS users

  • For Python 3.8, we provide one installer: 64-bit-only that works on macOS 10.9 (Mavericks) and later systems.
  • Please read the 'Important Information' displayed during installation for information about SSL/TLS certificate validation and the running the 'Install Certificates.command'.

Mac Os X Python Version

And now for something completely different

Mac Os X Python Virtualenv

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XZ compressed source tarballSource release35b5a3d0254c1c59be9736373d429db718019640SIG
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Windows help fileWindows3079d9cf19ac09d7b3e5eb3fb05581c48528031SIG
Windows x86-64 embeddable zip fileWindowsfor AMD64/EM64T/x6473bd7aab047b81f83e473efb5d5652a08168581SIG
Windows x86-64 executable installerWindowsfor AMD64/EM64T/x640ba2e9ca29b719da6e0b81f7f33f08f627864320SIG
Windows x86-64 web-based installerWindowsfor AMD64/EM64T/x64eeab52a08398a009c90189248ff43dac1364128SIG
Windows x86 embeddable zip fileWindowsbc354669bffd81a4ca14f06817222e507305731SIG
Windows x86 executable installerWindows959873b37b74c1508428596b7f9df15126777232SIG
Windows x86 web-based installerWindowsc813e6671f334a269e669d913b1f9b0d1328184SIG

Release Date: Sept. 19, 2017

Python 3.3.x has reached end-of-life. This is its final release.It is a security-fix source-only release.

Python 3.3.0 was released on 2012-09-29 and has been in security-fix-only mode since 2014-03-08. Per Python Development policy, all support for the 3.3 series of releases ended on 2017-09-29, five years after the initial release. This release, Python 3.3.7, was the final release for the 3.3 series.

Mac Os X Upgrade Python

After 2017-09-29, we no longer accept bug reports nor provide fixes of any kind for Python 3.3.x (third-party distributors of Python 3.3.x may choose to offer their own extended support). Because 3.3.x has long been in security-fix mode, 3.3.7 may no longer build correctly on all current operating system releases and some tests may fail. If you are still using Python 3.3.x, we strongly encourage you to upgrade to a more recent, fully supported version of Python 3; see

Python 3.3 includes a range of improvements of the 3.x series, as well as easierporting between 2.x and 3.x.

  • PEP 380, syntax for delegating to a subgenerator (yield from)
  • PEP 393, flexible string representation (doing away with the distinctionbetween 'wide' and 'narrow' Unicode builds)
  • A C implementation of the 'decimal' module, with up to 120x speedupfor decimal-heavy applications
  • The import system (__import__) is based on importlib by default
  • The new 'lzma' module with LZMA/XZ support
  • PEP 397, a Python launcher for Windows
  • PEP 405, virtual environment support in core
  • PEP 420, namespace package support
  • PEP 3151, reworking the OS and IO exception hierarchy
  • PEP 3155, qualified name for classes and functions
  • PEP 409, suppressing exception context
  • PEP 414, explicit Unicode literals to help with porting
  • PEP 418, extended platform-independent clocks in the 'time' module
  • PEP 412, a new key-sharing dictionary implementation that significantlysaves memory for object-oriented code
  • PEP 362, the function-signature object
  • The new 'faulthandler' module that helps diagnosing crashes
  • The new 'unittest.mock' module
  • The new 'ipaddress' module
  • The 'sys.implementation' attribute
  • A policy framework for the email package, with a provisional (seePEP 411) policy that adds much improved unicode support for emailheader parsing
  • A 'collections.ChainMap' class for linking mappings to a single unit
  • Wrappers for many more POSIX functions in the 'os' and 'signal' modules, aswell as other useful functions such as 'sendfile()'
  • Hash randomization, introduced in earlier bugfix releases, is nowswitched on by default
  • Change log for this release.
  • Report bugs at
  • Help fund Python and its community.
VersionOperating SystemDescriptionMD5 SumFile SizeGPG
Gzipped source tarballSource releasec54f93b012320871e6cbd0902ecb576916878757SIG
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