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Noah was cast in the comedy-crime film Knives Out in 2019. He is currently working on his upcoming horror film The Pale Door directed by Aaron B. Net Worth Is In Million. Noah Segan has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of July 2020. However, the fact is yet to be verified. Lakeith Stanfield (from left), Noah Segan and Saniel Craig (right) in a scene from 'Knives Out.' Claire Folger/Lionsgate via AP Ana de Armas and Daniel Craig in a scene from 'Knives Out.'

  • Noah Segan may not be a name up there with the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Bradley Cooper or other A-listers in Hollywood, but Segan has been a big part of several major movies, such as Knives Out and Looper, as well as a genre mainstay who brings a welcome presence to whatever he is involved in.
  • I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Knives Out ‘s very own Trooper Wagner, Noah Segan. We talked at length about making a murder mystery in 2019, his history with director Rian.

Spanning all the way back to writer/director Rian Johnson’s debut on the film scene with the neo-noir mystery Brick, Noah Segan has always been a partner in crime to the filmmaker’s antics. Appearing in each Johnson picture, with bit parts in The Brothers Bloom and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and full on supporting roles in Looper and, most recently, Knives Out, Segan is an integral player in the Rian Johnson repertory company. Which means that if, for some reason, Noah Segan isn’t in the planned follow-up to Knives Out, it would literally ruin Thanksgiving.

There’s a good reason why that seemingly hyperbolic statement is correct, and it came from the recent interview I conducted with Noah Segan on behalf of his recent horror film The Pale Door. Since Rian Johnson admitted that the follow-up to Knives Out that would see Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc returning for a brand new mystery, that leaves the fate of Trooper Wagner in question. So I had to ask, would Noah prefer to return as Trooper Wagner, or would he want to play a new role, even though word hasn’t been officially given that he’d be in the next Blanc film. Mr. Segan, in truly characteristic fashion, had this to say:

It would be very awkward at Thanksgiving if he decided to finally cut me loose professionally, while I made cranberry sauce for our group dinner that we traditionally have had since Brick. A lot of us from the team, Steve, his DP, and Nathan [Johnson, composer/Rian’s cousin], and the whole… everybody comes by… Joe. So it would make for a pretty awkward Thanksgiving.

Just as sure as the “Joe” he offhandedly mentioned is none other than Brick star Joseph Gordon-Levitt, it seems like a pretty locked prospect that Noah Segan will somehow appear in the Knives Out successor’s cast. In fact, since he’s basically been confirmed as one of the good luck charm actors that Rian Johnson loves to keep in his films, it would be a bad omen not to bring his talents and his dedication to giving the people what they want into Benoit Blanc’s next case.

Of course, with the current events of the world making Thanksgiving a questionable prospect, that could stymie the annual festivity of rich food with the ones we love. So if Rian Johnson really wanted to cut Noah Segan loose, he’d probably have a convenient chance to do so in these interesting times. Though that seems unlikely, as Johnson has shown time and time again that he values his favorite co-conspirators, and can find them roles pretty much doing anything in his films. Though thankfully for Segan, his Knives Out role was a much safer prospect than that time he got blown up as an X-Wing pilot in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

It’s assumed that the ever-active Rian Johnson is probably hard at work writing his next project, which presumably would be the Knives Out kinda-sequel. But whatever that project is, the family and friends of the man that brought us last Thanksgiving’s whodunnit smash hit are making sure that it will be delivered in a timely fashion. Noah Segan knows this because he is one of those very people who are dedicated to the following cause:

But, I will tell you this much: as challenging as our times are right now, many of us having to stay inside more than we would like, and hunker down, it has given us an opportunity to glue a certain filmmaker’s fingers to his keyboard and ensure that he is doing his best to get us something as efficiently as possible.

Constantly greasing the wheels of productivity for his dear friend, there seems to be no stopping Noah Segan from making sure that Rian Johnson’s next film will be delivered on time, and with his presence ensured. In a year that’s done everything in its power to teach the world that plans are for fools, some natural constants still exist that prove that the world isn’t total chaos. The Johnson/Segan pairing, and by natural extension the Johnson/Segan/Levitt cluster, are one of those constants. So as long as they still gather for work and play, the world will continue to spin in some sort of normalcy.

The Pale Door is now showing in select theaters, as well as available for VOD rental and purchase; with a home video release set for October 6. Meanwhile, Knives Out is currently available to stream with a Prime Video subscription.

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◎译 名 利刃出鞘 / 上流谋杀案 / 亮剑 / 出鞘 / 神探白朗:福比利大宅谋杀案(港) / 致命遗产 / 锋回路转(台)
◎片 名 Knives Out
◎年 代 2019
◎产 地 美国
◎类 别 剧情 / 喜剧 / 悬疑 / 犯罪
◎语 言 英语 / 西班牙语
◎上映日期 2019-09-07(多伦多电影节) / 2019-11-27(美国) / 2019-11-29(中国大陆)
◎IMDb评分 8.0/10 from 142020 users
◎豆瓣评分 8.2/10 from 290365 users
◎片 长 130分钟
◎导 演 莱恩·约翰逊 Rian Johnson
◎编 剧 莱恩·约翰逊 Rian Johnson
◎主 演 丹尼尔·克雷格 Daniel Craig
安娜·德·阿玛斯 Ana de Armas
克里斯·埃文斯 Chris Evans
杰米·李·柯蒂斯 Jamie Lee Curtis
迈克尔·珊农 Michael Shannon
唐·约翰逊 Don Johnson
托妮·科莱特 Toni Collette
勒凯斯·斯坦菲尔德 Lakeith Stanfield
克里斯托弗·普卢默 Christopher Plummer
凯瑟琳·兰福德 Katherine Langford
杰登·马泰尔 Jaeden Martell
瑞琪·琳德赫姆 Riki Lindhome
艾迪·帕特森 Edi Patterson
弗兰克·奥兹 Frank Oz
K·卡兰 K Callan
诺阿·西甘 Noah Segan
M·埃梅特·沃尔什 M. Emmet Walsh
玛琳娜·福特 Marlene Forte
劳尔·卡斯提洛 Raúl Castillo
雪莉·罗德里格斯 Shyrley Rodriguez
约瑟夫·高登-莱维特 Joseph Gordon-Levitt
加布里埃尔·洛莱斯 Gabrielle Lorthe

◎标 签 悬疑 推理 美国 犯罪 黑色幽默 侦探 剧情 2019

◎简 介

富豪小说家哈兰·斯隆比在自己85岁生日第二天,被发现在自家庄园离奇自杀,遗留了亿万遗产。久负盛名的大侦探布兰科(丹尼尔·克雷格饰)突然被匿名人士雇佣调查此案真相。同时,哈兰的孙子兰森(克里斯·埃文斯饰)也正在秘密调查此案。当布兰科和哈兰·斯隆比家族的其他人对谈时, 他发现事情并没有想象中那么简单。


Knives Out Noah Segan

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