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Unlimited Emails

Add an unlimited amount of authorized emails to send & receive faxes from

Download iFax to fax from phone. Send & Receive Fax - Easy faxing procedure. Send & receive fax on-the-go. Upload files easily from your device, email, cloud storage, or use fax scanner to send fax free images, fax photo, fax document, PDF fax, & you can fax from phone internationally at ease. Get a fax number. Welcome to the IFACS online catalog. Our specialty is providing hardware for the industrial, manufacturing, maintenance, and fleet customer. Our customers value our diverse product line, fast turnaround, knowledgeable staff, and competitive prices. Mar 17, 2021 Contact Us NOTICE: Halifax Regional Police has implemented a number of precautionary measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and protect the wellbeing of our community. Check here for the latest information on temporary changes and/or alternate arrangements to access our non-emergency services.

Unlimited Attachments

Send as many attachments at one time with iFax.Pro using the portal or your email platform

Download Past Faxes

Fax documents are kept on file for 60 days for you to access, download or review

Fax From Anywhere

Login to your account from any device and send faxes while you are on the go!

Email to Fax

Send and receive faxes by email when you use the email: [email protected]

No Page Limits

Send as many pages as you need without any limit restrictions

Built to Give You Options & Control

QuestBlue is committed to delivering high-performing products and solutions through continuous innovated & operational excellence. Ps4 remote play laptop windows 7.

Text Options
File Formats

Fax from your own email, the API, or our standalone browser client

Enjoy an Instant Setup with No Hassle

See how easy it is to setup your account!

Can I use my Fax Machine on iFax.pro?

The short answer is no. The iFax.pro platform is part of our Pro line. A web-based fax solution that does not have QuestBlue branding or contact information.

Can I have multiple users in my fax program?

No, not with iFax.pro however we do have that available in Enterprise.iFax.Pro. Enterprise.iFax.Pro offers a manager login with the ability to manage other fax users and fax numbers.

Is there an HTTPS adapter that I can use with my fax machine?

QuestBlue has an arrangement in place for you to be able to use your Audiocodes HTTPS fax adapter with our platform. Contact us to learn more. An ATA is not supported by iFax.Pro as that is a voice adapter designed for voice. You can connect an ATA to your PBX or directly to our SIP Trunks and attempt T.38 however that is not the iFax.Pro platform and cannot be used in conjunction with iFax.Pro.

How do I send the fax from my email account?

To send a fax using our Email-to-Fax service simply send an email using the following parameters. Email-to-Fax supports up to 5 attachments.

Attachments may be sent in JPG, PNG, BMP, PDF, MS Word, MS Excel & Plain Text formats.

To: [email protected]

From: [email protected]_address.com

Subject: your_10_digits_vfax_number

Ifax phone number lookup

{You may now add ‘cover page’ to the subject line to have our system utilize the email body as a cover page)


Upon submission, our system will reply with a confirmation or rejection notice.

with iFax.Pro.

Can I email to fax and fax to email with iFax.Pro?

Yes, we fully support fax to email and email to fax with this server.

Do I need to purchase any special equipment to use iFax.Pro?

No, iFax.Pro can be used in the web interface or with email to fax and fax to email.

Can I Fax International with iFax.pro?

No, not at the moment. You can however receive a fax from anywhere in the world.

Can I get a fax number in other areas even if I don't live there?

Yes, you can order a fax number from just about any location in the North American Numbering Plan, NANP.

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Ifac Phone Number

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