Highest Rated Compact Suv

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By Joel Patel
  1. Highest Rated Compact Suv 2019
  2. Highest Rated Compact Suv 2019
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  4. Luxury Compact Suv
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These Crossovers Can Hold All of Your Cargo

Highest Rated Compact Suv 2019

One of the reasons why SUVs and crossovers have become so popular is because of their expansive cargo areas. While the majority of these vehicles have more cargo space than smaller hatchbacks and sedans, there are other factors in play. Shape, size, and other elements play a role in how much cargo an SUV can hold. Also, cargo space varies based on automakers, as some have found the perfect way to maximize interior space while others fall short.

To make this list of compact SUVs with the most cargo space, we looked at each model in our ranking by focusing on their maximum available cargo space. That means folding the rear seats down – the second row for the majority of vehicles and the third row in one case. If you don’t plan to fold the rear seats down, don’t worry – we’ll also cover how much cargo each SUV can hold with the rear seats in place.

Highest Rated Compact Suv 2019

Every compact SUV in this slideshow has a U.S. News overall score. Don’t be alarmed if you see a score in this article that doesn’t match with the vehicle’s individual review. We constantly update our reviews and scores as new information on the vehicle comes out.

Highest Rated Compact Suvs 2021

Now, let’s take a look at the most spacious compact SUVs available on the market today.

Luxury Compact Suv

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