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  1. The older Google Hangouts app does not have an option to search through past exchanges, so stick with searching on your computer or in the latest version of the mobile app. Visit Business Insider.
  2. Do I have classic Hangouts or Google Chat? To see which chat application you’re using, check the app name, the app logo, or the URL of your bro 0 Recommended Answers 0 Replies 1939 Upvotes.
  3. Networks at businesses and schools sometimes are set to allow access only to certain domains, like '' This can prevent Hangouts from loading on your computer. To use Hangouts while you're on a network with restricted access, you may need to ask your network administrator to white-list the following domains.

With Hangouts Notificator, you don’t have to do them anymore. The app uses Hangouts’ web interface and IE engine to display new messages in a configurable popup window. With this, you can read your messages straight from your desktop. Hangouts Notificator preserves Hangouts’ chatting capabilities, including file exchange and video chats. Video calls make Hangouts more fun. Turn any conversation into a video call with up to 10 friends. All your friends can use Hangouts. Hangouts works on computers, Android and Apple devices, so you can connect with everyone. More great things about Hangouts: - Use Hangouts as you move from tab to tab in Chrome, or even without a Chrome.

Current Version: - Oxygen Orion (release notes)

  • Linux 64-bit
  • Mac OS X 64-bit
  • Windows 64-bit (Installer)
  • Windows 64-bit (Zip)
  • Mac OS X 64-bit
  • Linux 64-bit
  • Source Code

There are also packages available for multiple Linux distributions. See the list on GitHub.

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Hangouts Desktop App Mac


Google Hangouts Mac Desktop App


Be aware that some antiviruses and firewalls may flag the Monero executables and archives as malware. More info in the FAQ.

How To Use Hangouts On Mac


You are strongly advised to verify the hashes of the archive you downloaded. This will confirm that the files you downloaded perfectly match the files uploaded by the Monero development workgroup. Please don't underestimate this step, a corrupted archive could result in lost funds. Always verify your downloads!

Show hashes to verify your download

Hangouts Desktop App Windows

These SHA256 hashes are listed for convenience, but a GPG-signed list of the hashes is at and should be treated as canonical, with the signature checked against the appropriate GPG key in the source code.

Two guides are available to guide you through the verification process: Verify binaries on Windows (beginner) - Verify binaries on Linux, Mac, or Windows command line (advanced).

Windows 64-bit (Installer)
Windows 64-bit (Zip)
Mac OS X 64-bit
Linux 64-bit

Help and Support

A guide with an explanation of every section of the wallet is available: See latest release.

If you are experiencing issues or you need more info, feel free to reach out to the community. You can find the GUI team at #monero-gui, or else check out the Hangouts page for a more complete list of contacts and chatrooms.