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Built on the legacy of an elaborate mechanical clock built since 1964, Geochron Digital 4k Version 2 looks to the sky, adding Satellite Weather, and improved. The Geochron Digital Atlas 4K gives viewers beautiful displays of the Earth with the sunrise-sunset rendered in real-time through a small computer that plugs directly in to your TV via HDMI. The size of your display is only limited by the size of your TV, as you take in the terrestrial movement of the Earth’s orbit in sync with the Sun.

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For 50 years, Geochron made a classic, mechanical clock showing the time across the world as well as areas of light and dark. Well, they've now gone electron. The Geochron Digital 4k UHD gives viewers beautiful displays of the Earth with the sunrise-sunset rendered in real-time through a small computer that plugs directly in to your TV via HDMI. The size of your display is only limited by the size of your TV, as you take in the terrestrial movement of the Earth’s orbit in sync with the Sun. Place Geochron into the plastic bag and into the carton, nested and supported by the four packaging pads, whose proper location in the carton is easily determined by matching them to the respective corners on Geochron. IMPORTANT: Geochron is insured against damage in transit. Examine container and Geochron carefully.

See change log for last update on 06/15/2018 or go to Geochron USA for further updates

Does TV screen resolution (4k vs 1080) matter?

Yes it does. Although built for 4k, the Geochron Digital still calibrates automatically to any choice of screen resolution. The 1080 resolution comes with an option for the map which offers larger fonts, although if leaves out most cities and states.

While the 1080 screen lacks enough details to illustrate the information rich maps which are a feature of Geochrons, a 4k does.

Geochron Digital 4k V2

If a 4k Geoschron screen can be likened to an oil painting, then the 1080 screen can be compared to a water colour. When the digital model displays on a screen of 1080, it maintains the entire functionality of its features within the Geochron Digital, just like the International Space Station.

My 4k TV looks blurry

There are two main solutions to this.

1. Don’t turn on the Geochron Digital until the TV is on first. This way, the Geochron will not have to display in the default 1080 HD.

2. Geochron mechanical owners may observe that the very smallest fonts can be viewed more clearly on the mechnical clock. This is due to the fact that printed maps will always have a greater reoslutionthan any monitor or screen would.

To make a rough comparison a 5o” UHD TV will show 5500 pixels or dots for every square inch. Whereas a printed mapset will display 90,000 pixels for each square inch.

How is this different from previous versions of Geochron Digital?

The Geochron Atlas has a Version 2 software platform, with all the features of any Version 2 device. Geochron Atlas is a more powerful hardware platform with 4x faster refresh rates, more capable WiFi functionality, a quad-core Intel processor, and much faster menu operation. The hardware platform is specifically designed in the USA to be a digital display computer that you might see in a restaurant or airport.

Because it is a more powerful hardware platform than previous hardware versions, Geochron Atlas will be able to operate future updates that may not work on earlier versions.

What effect does TV size have on 4k?

The size of the TV depends on the environment where the 4k is located. For example if it is in an offic esetting then viewers will most likely stand only a short distance away from the screen. In this instance a small screen will display a better resolution.

However if the 4k is in a public space where the viewers may be located 10 inches or even further away, then a bigger screen will be better.

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All screens have the same amount of pixels, which is 3840 x 2160. While a larger screen will increase the pixels’ size, it cannot change the amount of pixels. In general a smaller screen shows a crisper image, but of course in bigger places such as public locations, a larger screen can be viewed more legibly from a distance.

How does the power button work? How do I turn it off?

The Geochron Atlas automatically powers up to the Geochron map when it is plugged in, or when the ON button is pressed.

To truly turn the Geochron Atlas off, press the Atlas’s POWER BUTTON again, or use the power button on the remote and select “SHUTDOWN DEVICE”.

To turn off the display, use the power button on the remote and select “SLEEP”. Press the power button on the remote again, and the screen will wake up.

Pro tip: The remote control for your TV does not actually turn the TV off, otherwise how would the TV receive a signal to turn it on? TV remotes only turn off the screen, not the TV.

I can’t select the location box to drive the pins to the location of the map I want

It could be the case of a dead battery, it is recommended that you replace the battery, then return it to default mode, or alternatively attempt using the mouse pointer to select the button.

You’ll basically find that the remote has two modes:

  • Cursor mode
  • Selection mode

The cursor mode is functions better when used for WiFi setup on the Android Operating system. You are restricted for selecting the location pins tab when you use cursor mode within the map and GD menu.

Get more information on this in the setup tutorial located under the setup tab.

Can Geochron Atlas be USB powered?

The quick answer is no. The Intel quad-core processor in the Geochron Atlas needs 3 amps of power to operate, and a typical USB port is not enough. USB 3.0 (fast charging) ports can output up to 5 amps, but few – if any – displays/TVs have this type of USB port.

If you plug the Geochron Atlas into a common USB port, it will burn out the port and possibly damage the Geochron Atlas. Use the included power supply.

Geochron 4k Manual
My Geochron Device does not boot into an Android interface

The device has been set by default to boot to an Andriod Operating system, but if the owner is fast enough to select the Windows icon during the first few seconds of boot time, then you are automatically redirected to Windows and will not have Geochron Digital.

So remember when booting to select the Android option which you can do using the right/left button of your remote. This will bring you back to Geochron Digital.

Why is the HDMI cord only 6″ long? How do you mount this?

The Geochron Atlas is designed to hang from your TV’s HDMI port using the included male-to-female HDMI cord. The remote control is a radio frequency (RF), so the signal will pass through the TV. An HDMI male-to-female extension cable can be used to increase the distance to the TV’s HDMI port, but this extension cable is not provided.

Geochron Digital

The Geochron Atlas can be mounted wherever you like, with one exception: Do not tape or glue it to the back of your TV. The Geochron Atlas is a fanless computer, and the concentric ridges on the composite case are designed to shed heat. If it is taped or glued to something that is already warm (like a TV), it may overheat. It is OK to place it on a smooth surface, like a table.

My PC refuses to boot, shows a blinking blue or red light or maybe it is malfunctioning

In cases where the computer begins to malfunction this way, the easiest recommended action is a restart. We’ve seen cases where this is caused because the owner switched off by pulling out the power cord. In such situations, you can use either of these methods to correct.

Run a factory reset – do so by clicking on menu/setup/ reset settings.

Turn off the computer from the power off menu, then restart using the on/off button.

Check behind the system for a soft reset button. When you see it, tap. Do not forget that this have to be done while the computer is on to enable reboot.

Geochron 4k Manual

If after trying out all these, the system still refuses to work then you can contact us.

The blue on light comes on, but it only stays for a few seconds after plugged

You don’t need to worry about this. It shows that the hardware is absorbing energy, but you’ll need to press the power button before the computer resumes booting. It is best recommended that you power on after the light has gone off.

Should I stick to using the mouse or the remote?

The only time the mouse is best recommended is during WiFi or time zone setup, if not, the remote works just fine and helps to give you a simplified user experience on the device.

When do I receive updates?

Downloading updates is easy. As long as you are connected to your internet provider, you are good to go. Please not that we will not push any update to your GD. We will only send notifications of new updates through your e-mail. You have the responsibility of calling down any update, simply press Menu, then system, and finally select update button. We know how rude it seems to just push updates to your system without any prior warning.

There’s always the annoying display “No Network Connection! “ when I try to access the Internet with the Ethernet (v1.0 only)

Even when you see this message your Geochron Digital is still connected to the internet. You can ensure this purely by selecting: System Update, or else you can watch a live layer update every 15 seconds on the screen, such as the International Space Station. This is an issue that we are aware of and we are currently working on it.

Geochron 4k Manual User

I would like to make some manual adjustments to the output resol or visual ratio

Geochron 4k Manual Download

In this instance please contact us for more information. We know that there is a hack but it can mess up your Geochon Digital, causing all sorts of problems, as well as voiding our guarantee.