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Posted : admin On 16.08.2021
Fender blender review

Possibly one of the most innovative ways to raise money, the Fender Blender Pro Smoothie bike can be hired and be your community groups next fundraiser.

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The Fender blender Pro is a not only a smoothie bike but a health and sustainability promotion tool. Customers pedal the bike to power a blender, making healthy shakes and smoothies they can take away and enjoy.

In a Nut Shell:

Whether this was an actual takeoff of the term “fender bender” or not depends on who you talk to, but the truth will probably remain a mystery. What we do know is that this was one of Fender’s longest-lived floor pedals. Built from 1968 to 1977, the Blender had an on/off switch that activated volume, sustain, tone, and blend controls.

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The Fender Blender Pro Smoothie Bike generates enough energy to power the blender – so that the person pedalling effectively makes their own healthy smoothie. It is visual, interactive, healthy and fun – the bikes creates a large crowd and can be used to attract customers for a separate fundraiser or stall if desired. Amazon echo show display photos.

Package costs $325 no GST (includes courier costs and pre event demonstration).

With donated ingredients, if you sell 300 smoothies at $5, profit is minimum of $1,000.

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The Fundraising Package consists of one smoothie bike, three vitamix jugs, 2x 100L green Dune eskis, 2x 30L water dispensers and a detailed user guide including a shopping list and recipes.

To maximise your profit, you should attempt to get all smoothie ingredients donated – including milks, honey, bananas and berries. You can either approach families from within your school/members of your community group or approach local businesses for donations of cash or goods.

You will also need 3-5 volunteers to help run the stall, take money, wash the jugs etc. This is definitely a stall where kids can help.

Fundraisers will need to provide: smoothie ingredients, dishwashing facilities and volunteers to run the stall.

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To hire the Smoothie Bike contact: [email protected]