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Dec 11, 2020 You can also filter iMessages from unknown senders and report iMessages that look like spam or junk. Block a phone number, contact, or email There are a few ways that you can block phone numbers, contacts, and emails. Mar 11, 2021 iMessage is not a standalone app where the person can block you. They have to block your number completely, which means when you are blocked, you can’t just “not text” them, you also can’t call them. When your number is blocked, calling the person would almost immediately send you to either voicemail or disconnect your call. How to know if someone has blocked you on iMessages There may come a situation where you are not able to get the delivered sign on the messages. Which you have sent to someone. It can be the situation where they have switched off their phone, or it can also be the reason. Open the Messages app. Looking at message information is not as reliable of an indicator as using test calls. However, some information displayed underneath iMessages can be helpful in determining if someone has blocked you. 2 Open the conversation with the suspected blocker.

There are several valid reasons to block a contact on your phone. If someone is spamming you with incessant phone calls, text messages, or FaceTime calls, it is only right you block them for as long as you can. But have you ever thought of what happens to a contact you blocked? Can they still reach you despite being blocked? Read this guide to learn more about the aftermath of blocking someone on your iPhone.

Blocking an iPhone contact (could be a phone number or an email address) ensures that the person can no longer contact you via phone calls, on iMessage, FaceTime, and other native Apple communication apps and services. Proceed to the section below to get a full grasp of what happens when you block someone on your iPhone.

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1. Phone Calls

The most obvious action that follows blocking someone on your iPhone is that the blocked number/contact will not be able to reach you via phone calls. But what happens to their phone calls afterward? Will their calls be automatically declined? Will you receive a notification that they called? What response would the blocked contact/number get on their end whenever they call you — after they’ve been blocked?

Well, from the experiment I carried out, the aftereffects of blocking a contact is dependent on your network provider. In simpler words, the response that the blocked contacts will receive whenever they call you shall largely depend on your network provider.

Some network providers will inform the blocked caller that your number is unreachable, while others will divert the blocked contact‘s call straight to your voicemail. In the case of the latter, people you have blocked can still leave you a voicemail. Interestingly, voicemails from blocked contacts are not grouped with your regular messages. Instead, they are positioned at the bottom of the voicemail section of the Dialer/Phone app.

2. Text Messages and iMessage

Before you block a number on your iPhone, you should see a prompt informing you that you will not receive call phone calls, messages, and FaceTime from blocked contacts.

So, here’s what happens when you block someone on your iPhone, and they try to send you a text. First, they will be charged for the text message(s) by their network carriers, and the text would be sent. However, because you’ve blocked the person, their texts will not be delivered to your iPhone. The same applies to iMessage.


Messages from blocked numbers will not be delivered to your inbox. And on the sender’s end, the messages will not be marked as ‘Delivered’.

3. FaceTime

From the explanations above, you should already have a clue about what happens to block contacts on FaceTime, too. They will not be able to make voice or video FaceTime calls to you. When a number you’ve blocked on your iPhone calls you on FaceTime, the call will ring endlessly on the caller’s end. Your iPhone, on the other hand, will not ring, and you won’t be notified of the call.

4. Mail

If there’s an iCloud address linked to the contact you blocked, the person would still be able to send your emails. The mails would be marked as ‘Blocked’ and they would still appear in your regular inbox.


However, you can configure your iPhone’s Mail app to move emails from blocked contacts to Bin. To do so, follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Launch the iPhone Settings menu and select Mail.

Step 2: Next, select ‘Blocked Sender Options’.

Step 3: Finally, select ‘Leave in Inbox’ if you want emails from blocked contacts to remain in your inbox. Otherwise, select ’Move to Bin’ if you want emails from blocked contacts to be moved to the Mail app’s Bin automatically.

Note: Blocked contacts can still send emails to your iCloud email address using third-party email clients (Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, etc.).

If you use Gmail on your iPhone, you should check out what happens when you block someone on Gmail.

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How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number on iPhone

Although you won’t be notified when someone blocks your number (or email address) on their iPhones, the combination of the following cues is a clear indication that you’ve surely been blocked:

  • Your iMessage texts to the number don’t get marked as Delivered for a long time.
  • The contact doesn’t pick up your FaceTime calls.
  • Calling the person’s phone number always redirects you to their voicemail.
  • The person doesn’t reply to your emails.
  • You can reach the person via phone call using another number.

If you suspect that you’ve been blocked by someone using an iPhone, try checking the clues listed above. If all of them check out, especially the last one, then you have most likely been blocked.

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You Are in Charge

Those were all the major events that succeed after blocking someone on your iPhone. You can still reach out to a blocked contact either via calls, email, text messages, and even FaceTime without having to unblock them. They just wouldn’t be able to contact you. Do note that the same applies when someone blocks you on their iPhone.

Next up:What happens when you reset your iPhone? Read the next link to know why you should know more about it, when to use it, and how to use this option with precautions.

Blocked Imessage Prank

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  • Part 1: How to Know If Someone Has Blocked You on iPhone
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  • Part 3: How to Activate iMessage for iPhone
  • Part 4: How to Send iMessage on iPhone
  • Part 5: How to Block iMessage on iPhone
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iMessage is a built-in instant messaging service, which Apple Inc. released to let you send and receive text, image, videos, document, location, etc. with Apple users. And you can use it to make the payment from this year on.

It might be the most frequent app you use on iPhone in daily life.


How can you use iMessage app? You might need an iMessage ultimate guide. Now let's move to how to know if someone has blocked you on iPhone.

Part 1. How to Know If Someone Has Blocked You on iPhone

There are different methods to confirm whether you have been blocked or not.

Option 1. Check the iMessage Color You Sent

If you have sent iMessage with other Apple users before, you should know about that there are two colors for Messages. iMessages are in color blue, SMS texts are green.

It is not definite that you have been blocked by a simple color sign, as you know, there are different reasons to cause sending SMS texts instead of iMessage.

For example, the network of iPhone doesn’t work, then the iMessage you sent will be revert back as a green text message directly.

There is a method you can try to confirm if you have been blocked by someone.

Step 1Please confirm that your network of iPhone is work and the receiver is using iPhone or other Apple devices.

Step 2Send an iMessage out, and observe whether that color of iMessage will be changed from blue to green or not.

As you might probably know, there is a piece of small status information under the iMessage you sent. It also can be a sign you can know if others have blocked you.

Option 2. Check the iMessage Status You Sent

There is a setting in Message app for iMessage, which is called Send Read Receipts, to notify people when you have read their messages.

If the iMessages have been sent to the receivers but they have not read them, the Delivered sign will be shown under the iMessages.

As the default setting of the Send Read Receipts is ON, so you usually can see a Read word under the iMessage you sent once the receiver read it. In some cases, you can not get the Read status might because they have turned off the option.

Well, What happens if the receiver has blocked you?

Although there is a small percent that he/she turned off the Send Read Receipts function, you might have been blocked if the iMessage you sent stays blue saying Delivered but never turns to Read.

Option 3. Check the iMessage Status on MacBook

There are some tips you can try to use if you have a MacBook. Send an iMessage on neither iPhone or MacBook, and then check the status. On iPhone, it always shows a Delivered under the message, while it shows nothing if you have been blocked.

Part 2. How to Recover iMessage on iPhone

There will be many iMessages are stored on iPhone if you like iMessage app. It is no doubt that you don’t want to encounter data loss during the process of sending and receiving iMessage on iPhone.

The best bet to ensure data safe is backing up iPhone data regularly. So that you can restore iPhone data from backup file easily.


What should do you don’t have a backup file at all?

Actually, the lost data will be stored on iPhone but invisible for users. You should stop using device immediately. You need FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery, which can help you get the lost data back from device directly.

FoneLab iOS System Recovery

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  • Fix disabled iOS system problems.
  • Extract data from disabled iOS devices without data loss.
  • It is safe and easy to use.

Below is a systematic tutorial.

Blocked Messages On Iphone

Step 1Download and install the software on the computer, and then it will be launched automatically.

Step 3Connect your device to the computer, tap Trust on your device home screen if it pops up on your computer. The program will begin to scan your device data once it detects your device.

Step 4Your data will be displayed on the interface, tick the content you want to get back.

Step 5Click Recover.

There are different options you can choose to recover iPhone data, I am sure that FoneLab will be the best choice for you.

Why not download and have a try now!

Part 3. How to Activate iMessage for iPhone

Blocked Imessage Turns Green

Most of the iPhone beginners are not familiar with iMessage app, so that they have no idea how to start to use it.

Some of them have trouble to send iMessage instead of SMS. Therefore, we will introduce how to set up iMessage on iPhone.

Step 1Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2Tap on Messages.

Step 3Turn iMessage On and wait.

iMessage will be sent as a text on iPhone without a network connection. Someone will wonder how to send SMS rather than iMessage after settings.

Actually, you can just disconnect the network connection or follow above-mentioned step to deactivate the iMessage app on iPhone Settings app easily.

Part 4. How to Send iMessage on iPhone

Sending iMessage is the same as a text message on iPhone after enabling the feature through Settings.

Step 1Launch the Messages app.

Step 2Tap Edit icon in the upper-right corner.

Step 3Enter a number who using iPhone or other iOS devices.

Step 4Type the content you want to send, and then tap the send icon on the right side.

This iMessage feature also allows you to send and receive text and multimedia information and use stickers, emoji, animations with other Apple users who are using iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, etc.

Part 5. How to Block iMessage on iPhone

Got sick of receiving iMessage from the sender?

You can bock someone via the Message on iPhone.

Step 1Open Message on your computer.

Step 2Go to conversation > info icon.

Step 3Tap the name on the top, and then scroll down to find Block this Caller.

Step 4Tap Block Contact on the pop-up options.

If you change your mind in the near future, you can also repeat the same steps to unblock the contact within a few taps.

That's all. If you have more questions about iMessages or others, please leave comments or send emails for further information.

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