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Inside of the box is a shelf where she has placed a camera that has a motion-sensor function and takes 10 pictures per second. Whenever a bird lands on the bowl, the device starts snapping pictures. If the camera is out the whole day, it can yield up to 7,000 photos! Lisa, however, doesn’t mind. RELATED: Michigan woman's bird photo booth pictures get thousands of fans. What she did was turn 'Count Grackula and the 'King of the Yard' and the darling chickadees - and a bunch of other photos. Those weren’t good pictures of them, but that is the motion that triggered the photo sequence. I got 3,493 photos today and of those 29 had an actual bird on the feeder bowl. Of those 29, there were only a couple that were decent, and they were all of birds I’d photographed on other days with the photo booth. Desktop wallpapers Bird Photo - pictures in good quality and resolution.

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Bird Photo Booth 2.0 bird feeder and bird camera combination lets you photograph your favorite birds posing just inches away. The quality and detail you get is remarkable . Take a look at the bird photos below, which reveal razor-sharp detail with amazing bokeh.


Unrivaled detail. Bird Photo Boooth bird photos taken with iPhone 4s

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Telugu guninthalu pdf. Bird Photo Booth's provided professional grade macro and polarizing lenses, enable you to photograph birds in stunning detail.