Bausch And Lomb Telescope Manual

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Bausch & Lomb Criterion 4000 Telescope INSTRUCTION MANUAL - copy. Bushnell Theater Opera Glasses Binoculars 3 x 25 Neck Chain 15-3233 BAUSCH LOMB. VINTAGE BAUSCH & LOMB TELESCOPE CATALOG 1957 USA Booklet Book Manual Ad. Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Seller. +C $20.57 shipping. From United States.

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Bausch And Lomb 4000 Telescope Manual

Bausch And Lomb Telescope ManualLomb

Bausch And Lomb Telescope Manual Online

B&L Criterion closed operations here in Connecticut, November 1987.
several hundered telescopes & all remaining accessory inventory were
aquired then - 34 years later - wonderful memories and a short list below.
Note: Most all items listed here are New 'One of a Kind' and Made in the
USA and Japan - Nothing manufactured from Taiwan or China.
B&L 6000 6' S/C Telescope (new, but speck on primary).$695
Complete with Case and all standard factory Accessories.
This unit may be the last New example on Planet Earth !
Allen Head Wrench Set + as supplied with S/C 4000...$2
Allen Head Wrench Set + as supplied with All 6' and 8' S/C..$2
Tube Only (no optics) 8000 S/C..$49 Sch/Cass 8' Primary Mirror -..$129
Base Side Bolt for older 6000 / 8000..$2
Fork Bolt with B&L Logo..$2-
Rubber Foot for 4000 Tripod Leg (1),$1
Photo tripod Base Bracket (4000)..$4
'O' Ring for 4x finder Scope (4000),..$1
Rubber Ring for 50 mm Finder Scope..$1
Finder Scope Bracket for Astro 4000 - Fixed Munt..$39
Focus Knob for 6000 / 8000..$4
6x30 mm Finderscope + Bracket for 6000..(Inquire)
Retail Store - Hang Tag for 4000-8000 - fair condition,$1
Secondary Mirror Assembly for 8000 - needs cleaning..$89
Secondary Mirror Assy (4000) + Corrctor Plate & Lock Ring.. $119
Window Plate for all 4000's could be available later thist year (est. cost..$39
Please Note: your scope will not be as fine as the origional factory alignment and
1985 Color Sales Folder - 4000/ 6000/ 8000 (5) Panels, Dbl.Sided (good condition)..$5
Store Hang Tag for 4000 & 8000..$3
Rear Plug with B&L Logo for - 6000 / 8000..$5
Retainer Ring for Optical Window - 6000..$5
B&L Binocular/Telescope Catalog - Slim Jim Format (12) pages..$4 (?)
B&L Binocular, Telescope and Rifle Scope 'Lifetime Limited Warranty' Card..$2
Booklet - 'Information About Your B&L 4000 Telescope' (10) pages - Complete Instructions / Users Guide, Maintainance and Aligmnent (compiled by The Talcot Mtn. Observatory) 8 1/2' X 11' Bound..$10
Origonal 4'x5' Glossy Photo of a 6000 & 8000 (for S&T Ad)..$4
Ad Dept. Photograph 5'x7' of 6' / 8' S/C Tripod..$2
AC Motor - 220 Volt /50 HZ / .75 RPH..$29
AC Motor - 220 Volt / 50 HZ - 1 RPH..$29
Converters - 110V to 220V can be purchased on Amazon for only $15)
AC Motor - 220 Volt / 50 HZ - .75 RPH - Reverse /Southern Hemisphere..$24
Fork Tine Dec. Lock for 8001 S/C..$65
Lock Lever is Subject to breaking, a design flaw on these scopes
Fork Tines - set of (2) for 8000 S/C Telescope..$85
#63-1088 Special Series Filter Set (with leather case) Photo & visual (6 filters + data sheet)..$45
Designed only for the B&L Criterion 4' & 8' S/C (Not for Meade or Celestron S/C's)
Polar Alignment Instructions for S/C - 4000 (useful for 6' / 8' S/C) (4) pages..$1
Deluxe Latitude Adjuster Instructions - 6' & 8' S/C..Free with Any Order (Request)
#63-1011 8.4 mm to 21 mm Zoom ORTHO-SCOPIC..$52
#63-1011 8.4 to 21 mm (factory adjusted and reboxed)..$45
Star Diagonal 1.25'- 90 degree, for 6' and 8' Schmidt/Cass..{Inquire)
(Mirror type)
Mounting Screws (2) - Allen Head for 4000 Finder Scope Bracket..$3
Non-adjustable Tripod leg - 4000..$12 Adjustable Latitude Extention Leg (7' long)..$12
Piggyback Camera Bracket - 6' 600& 8' 8000 + DX8 S/C..$19
Piggyback Camera Bracket (modified for the 4000)..$22
Criterion - Dealer Display Store Card - 8 3/4'X 11' descriptions on reverse (for Halley's Comet)..$5
Photo / Spotting Scope Tripod - adjustable, center braced..$39
Adapter Ring - Allows mounting of Meade/Celestron accessories to B&L/Criterion S/C's. (inquire)
Adapter Ring - B&L Criterion accessories mounting to Celestron/Meade S/C's.$32
4000 S.S. - Optical Tube Assembly Only.- with Base Mounting Bracket.$109
T-Adapter - Camera Mount for 4000 #63-1049..(Inquire)
Camera Adapter for Prime Focus 1 1/4' (Meade / Celestron Listed)..$28
T-Ring or T-Mount (state camera make/model - (most models except EOS)..$4
Photo - 4'x5' of the Astro 4000 & 6000 mounted, in color,
Chrome Side Bolts for Table Top Legs - DX6 & 8 - Older 6000 & 8000 - set of (2)..$6
Wedge Brackets (2) Knobs (4) for 4000 Wedge + Instructions to assemble your own..$12
If you are clearver - a home, machine work shop project.
Base Plate for 4000 Astro (useful part, in making a Wedge with above pieces)..$15
Drive Base Assembly - Complete with fork tines, motors & AC line cord S/C 8' 8000..$195
Drive Base - no Motors - 8000 S/C.$49
Drive Base with Motors - 6000..$119
Drive Base Plate (Bottom Plate) for 6000 / 8000..$12
(consider making your own 4000 Wedge as well, with parts kit)
Carry Cases for 6000 or 8000..$95 each
A Copy + DVD of 'Accessory Users Manual for 4000 / 6000 / 8000'
all Photographic and Visual (DVD is not high resolution)..$9
7x50 Legacy Binoculars 12-7551..$95
Dove Tail Base for Quick Release Finder Bracket - 4000 Pro..$4
Wedge Side Bracket for Golden Peramid Tripod - only (1)..$5
Table Top Leg with Latitude Adjuster for 6000 & 8000 - only (1)..$24
Hanging Madallion - Gold Metal - Bausch & Lomb Since 1853..$4
(for the collector that wants a completely origionan scope)
Criterion Action Guide - 'Useing Your Solar Filter' (17) pages..$5
Owners Manual (72 pages) For All - DX6/ DX8/ 4000/ 6000/ 8000/ 8001
CD - the complete manual..$12 (not high resolution but readable)
Xerox - Bound Copy..$24
an Origional Manual (Rare)..$39
Comet Halley Data - 8 1/2'x11' (4) Sheet (inclosed with all Criterion Telescopes 1984-85)..$3
B&L /Bushnell - Distributor Quantity Price List 1/1/1988 (12) Pages - Illustrated.
Telescope/Binoculars/Spotting Scopes/etc. with Dealer and Distributor Prices..$10
For all other Printed Materials - Refer to

Please Note: most of these items are one of a kind. Please email, for availability, before placing an order. All questions are welcomed.

Bausch And Lomb Telescope Manual 2

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