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Hearing aid batteries 312 size in this category replace the following models: 312A, 312AE, 312DS, 312HP, 312HPX 312UP A312, AC312, AC312E, AC312EZ B3124, B347PA DA312H, DA312N L312ZA ME7Z P312, PR312, PR312H, PR41 R312ZA V312, V312HP W312ZA ZA312. Order a box of hearing aid batteries 312 size and receive a free keychain battery holder!

ZPower is the only manufacturer of its patented 312 Silver-Zinc rechargeable battery. Made in the USA and shipped direct to you. Compatible with ZPower rechargeable hearing aids from the following manufacturers: – Starkey – Signia – Bernafon – ReSound – Widex – Beltone – NuEar – Audibel. ZPower 312 Rechargeable Silver-Zinc Battery Made and Sold by ZPower. Warning: Other ZPower Batteries Sold on Amazon are not Authorized and can be Expired or Damaged. Buy ZPower Direct Instead! 1 Count (Pack of 1). 115 product ratings - Power One Size Size 312 Hearing Aid Batteries, 20 Packs (Total of 120 Batteries) $28.99. Save up to 5% when you buy more. T 1 D 7 S p M 4 o 1 n K s o K V I r e d. Fresh Lot 6 to 300 Duracell Activair Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 Fast Ship. Keep your hearing device operating efficiently with Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312 (80 pack). They come in a size 312 and are suitable for use in a variety of hearing aid models. The convenient EasyTab packaging is designed to keep batteries protected until ready for use while also being discreet and easy to open.

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312 Batteries Walmart

Hearing aid batteries are not made of the same size. They also come in different packs which carry different numbers of batteries. Different battery brand has different products which have different power capacity. The best battery should be mercury-free.

When in need of buying these 312 hearing-aid batteries, you need to consider the following factors so that you can have the best product. These include the size of the battery, the cost, the brand, power capacity, and other factors. Below is a list of top best 312 hearing-aid batteries available in the market.

The Best 312 Hearing Aid Batteries

#1. Amazon Basics-Hearing Batteries A312-Pack, It is free from mercury

Amazon Basics-Hearing Batteries come in a pack carrying 60 batteries. It is a long-lasting battery that gives a capacity of 1.45V. The 1.45V Zinc-Air Tech gives out a clear sound all through the lifetime of these batteries. The product has a 4-Year shelf-life which guarantees the best performance to the whole 60-pack.
This battery is free from mercury ingredients. With a convenient package, it makes this battery is easy to use and store. It is simple to slide into the wallet or purse so you will never go without a new battery. To improve its lifetime, store it in a room temperature plus inside the provided packaging.

#2. RAYOVAC Size-Hearing Batteries-16 Pack, Batteries can last up to two days

Rayovac Hearing Aid-Batteries comes in a pack with sixteen counts which are Size 312. The package of these batteries has a re-closable Door which is long. It also has broad tabs which make storing plus using these batteries simple. The product has a 4-year shelf life which guarantees powerful outcomes to the whole pack.

These batteries are made using mercury-free products hence they are safe for use. This battery can last up to two days longer than the previous battery version. This pack has a controlled turn-system which blocks the battery-dial from rotating freely hence the users will have total control on the motion of each battery.

#3. Duracell Hearing-Batteries Size-batteries, Easy to open the pack

Duracell Hearing-Aid Batteries is a size 312 which has a total count of 60 batteries in a count. The product is available in a 1 and 2 pack. The product is easy to open, squeezed, discreet plus guards your batteries. It is reliable with long-lasting power.

The battery gives out 1.4-Volt in each. The pack arrives in a closable protecting case so one can carry extra batteries. The product is made from mercury-free substances hence it is safe for use. It is simple to open the pack and get the battery.


#4. Rayovac Advanced-Mercury Hearing-Batteries, Has stainless-steel housing

Rayovac battery pack comes with a count of ten sub packs each pack having 10 batteries. Hence the whole pack will have 80 batteries. The batteries are mercury-free with zinc-air tech which has high power density. The battery drain curve is flat meaning it will drain fully.

Its housing is made strong stainless-steel housing which guarantees the best stability & protection on corrosion. This battery has a shelf life of 2 to 3-years. It is advised that after removing the tab you should expose the battery to the atmosphere for a minute to actuate the battery before placing it into your hearing device.

#5. Duracell-Hearing Batteries-lasting installation, Easy to handle & install

Duracell battery is made from mercury-free ingredients. It has a brown tab. The product stays for a long time hence it is more durable even in extreme conditions. The battery has a shelf life of about 4 years. Its package is lightweight.

The pack comes with a count of 24 batteries. The package is made with a long-tab which is easy to handle. Its package is simple to open. With the help of a long handle, it is simple to handle & installs the product. This product is also available in other different sizes which are 10 (Yellow), 13 (Orange), 675 (Blue) and 312 (brown).

#6. Powermax-Hearing Batteries-Mercury Free-Hear-Rite, Has a long shelf life

Powermax hearing batteries are size 312. The product is available in different package count which includes 16, 40 and 64. This is a high-quality premium zinc-air brown tab. Every subpackage has eight pieces.

These batteries are easy to handle, install and replace. It gives fast power & has a long shelf life. The product gives out a power capacity of 1.4 V. it is free from mercury ingredients. The package is easy to open and close. It is capable to last for about 3 days.

#7. America-Hears Amplifier-Batteries Activated, Has perforated packaging

The product pack has 40 pieces of batteries. The batteries are zinc-air triggered & mercury-free. The pack has easy to pull tabs which makes it easier to handle the product. The packaging is perforated hence one can take it anywhere.

These batteries are also available in size 13 & 10 depending on one’s hearing-aid or enhancer. This battery type is cheap and affordable. The batteries are easy to handle & install. The perforated packaging permits you to break-off 10-packs from the pack easily.

#8. eHearing Premium-Hearing Batteries-PC312 6ZM, It is built to fit every hearing aid which uses 312 battery sizes

HEARPRO battery is a premium long-lasting battery that is size 312. The product is free from mercury substances and they use zinc-air tech. this battery gives out 1.45V of power giving more operating periods for the whole pack. HEARPRO batteries are long-lasting hence durable. It is built to fit every hearing aid which uses 312 battery sizes.

The advanced tech hearing-aids need the best quality batteries to give the best results. This product comes with a free HEARPRO keychain-battery case for each 60 pack. These travel-caddies are best for not losing one’s hearing aid-batteries again.

#9. Westinghouse Hearing-Batteries Mercury-Counts, Compatible with more hearing aids

Westinghouse Hearing aid-Batteries is size 312. It is Zinc-Air Battery hence it is mercury-free. It comes in 10 individual packs where every pack has 6 counts hence it has a total of 60-counts. The product gives a 1.45 volt of power.

The battery is safe from Lead, Mercury & Cadmium which is reliable and safe. It has a long-lasting power to one’s hearing aid. This product is well-suited with various hearing aids.

#10. Toshiba Premium-Hearing Batteries 60-Count, Has a low distortion & gives a constant voltage

Toshiba Premium is a Zinc hearing aid battery. It has a power supply of about 1.4V. It comes with 10 packs each pack having 6 batteries. Hence the total numbers of batteries are 60. These batteries are very long-lasting and are mercury-free. The shelf life of these batteries is about 3 to 4-years
The battery is equipped with a suitable dial card-design & a protective tab which makes it simple for use. These batteries will produce clear-tones, a continuous voltage and a low distortion resulting in minimal volume adjustments & minimal battery replacements.


It is a good thing to have a great battery for your hearing aid. This will give you a good quality sound with minimal distortion. They will also serve you for a longer time hence more reliable. Make a point of buying the best size 312 battery for your hearing aid from the list above to have a better hearing.

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Like any technological device, hearing aids run on batteries. Traditionally, most hearing aids used tiny 'button' batteries that wearers had to change every few days to weeks. Now, though, many hearing aid models come with rechargeable batteries. When choosing a hearing aid, it's a good idea to think through which battery type works best for you.

Two main types of hearing aid batteries

Rechargeable batteries

Many of the latest hearing aid models come with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are usually recharged at night, when a hearing aid wearer takes out their hearing aids to sleep. So far, rechargeable batteries are generally only available for behind-the-ear styles of hearing aids. Rechargeable hearing aid brands on the market from manufacturers in 2019 included:

  • Oticon Opn S, Ruby and Play
  • Phonak Audeo Marvel, Bolero, Naida and Sky
  • Starkey Livio AI
  • ReSound LiNX Quattro
  • Widex Fusion2

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Standard disposable batteries

Zinc-air button disposable batteries, also known as 'button batteries,' are the other common option. Because zinc-air batteries are air-activated, a factory-sealed sticker allows them to remain inactive until it is removed. Once peeled from the back of the battery, oxygen will interact with the zinc in the battery and “turn it on.” To get the best performance from a zinc-air battery, wait about one minute after removing the sticker to fully activate before placing it in the hearing device. Replacing the sticker will not deactivate the battery, so once the sticker is removed, the battery will remain in an active state until the power is drained.

Zinc-air batteries remain stable for up to three years when stored in a room temperature, dry environment. Storing zinc-air batteries in the refrigerator has no benefits and could cause condensation to form under the sticker, which could reduce battery life prematurely. Traditionally hearing aid batteries were produced using trace amounts of mercury to assist with conductivity and stabilize internal components, but mercury is no longer used in hearing aid batteries.

(Key: BTE=behind the ear, ITE=in the ear, RITE=receiver in the ear; ITC=in the canal; CIC=completely in the canal.)

Sizes of disposable hearing aid batteries

Hearing aids come in many different sizes and styles and with different power needs. Larger hearing aids require larger batteries. Additionally, hearing aids for people with severe or profound hearing loss typically require more power and larger batteries.

There are five sizes of hearing aid batteries available on the market. The sizes from smallest to largest are: 5, 10, 312, 13 and 675. Size 5 hearing aid batteries are rarely used. The four most common hearing aid battery sizes are all smaller than the diameter of a dime:

  • Size 10 - 5.8 mm wide by 3.6 mm high
  • Size 312 - 7.9 mm wide by 3.6 mm high
  • Size 13 - 7.9 mm wide by 5.4 mm high
  • Size 675 - 11.6 mm wide by 5.4 mm high

Color-coding for disposable hearing aid batteries

Because size differences may be hard to notice and difficult to remember, battery packaging is color-coded so finding and purchasing the correct ones is easier.

  • Size 10 batteries - yellow
  • Size 312 batteries - brown
  • Size 13 batteries - orange
  • Size 675 batteries - blue

Battery life for hearing aid batteries

Non-rechargeable hearing aid batteries can last anywhere from five to 14 days, based on a 16-hour day of wear. This is dependent upon the size of the battery and power needed by the hearing aid. Typically, smaller batteries have shorter battery life than larger ones.

The average lifespan of hearing aid batteries is as follows:

  • Size 10 - three to seven days
  • Size 312 - three to 10 days
  • Size 13 - six to 14 days
  • Size 675 - nine to 20 days

If you are experiencing shortened battery life, there may be an issue with the hearing device. In this case, you should consult your user manual or contact your hearing healthcare professional to make sure everything is working properly.

How to extend the life of a hearing aid battery

While there aren’t any foolproof ways to extend non-rechargeable battery life, these tips will ensure the power isn’t being wasted.

Turn the hearing devices off when not in use and leave the battery compartment door open overnight. Not only will this help keep battery power from being wasted, it will allow any moisture that has built up from the day's use to evaporate overnight.

Yaariyan 2014 full movie torrent download. To get optimal performance from your batteries, always store them at room temperature. Heat exposure and humid environments such as a bathroom will shorten battery life. Also, batteries shouldn’t be carried loose in pockets, a purse or a backpack where they might come into contact with other metal objects like coins or keys that can short-circuit the hearing aid batteries.

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Hearing aid battery brands

Common manufacturers of non-rechargeable hearing aid batteries include Rayovac and Energizer. However, many hearing aid manufacturers sell batteries wholesale to hearing care professionals, and the batteries may carry the brand name of that hearing aid manufacturer.

Another common practice is private labeling of batteries. This means the hearing care professional may purchase batteries wholesale and have them labeled with the name, address, phone number and logo associated with their office.

Regardless of the branding, most hearing aid batteries are made by trusted companies that produce other types of batteries for all types of electronics.

Hearing aid battery safety

According to the National Capital Poison Control Center, more than 3,500 Americans of all ages swallow disposable button batteries every year. If this happens to a person or pet in your home, seek medical attention immediately.

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312 Batteries Life

Where to purchase hearing aid batteries

Batteries are typically available in mass retail stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, electronics stores and through online retailers.

Duracell 312 batteries best price

312 Batteries Cvs

You might also choose to purchase batteries through a hearing aid center near you. Because hearing care providers go through their stock of batteries quickly, many wearers feel they are getting fresher batteries. Also, if you forget what battery size you need for your particular device, the hearing healthcare professional will ensure you are purchasing the correct one.

312 Batteries Rechargeable

Additionally, it’s worth asking if your hearing health practitioner offers any kind of battery club or discount program. These programs can save you money on your battery purchases and, in some cases, you can request the batteries be sent directly to you saving you a trip to the office.